Where’s my Travel Bug?

Hope for lost Travel Bugs…


If you’ve read that headline and sighed then you’ve probably shared the pain of having a TB go AWOL. Maybe the cache where your TB is has been visited but the last cacher decided not to pick it up because they don’t know what to do with it or they simply didn’t spot it. Perhaps it’s stuck in a cache full of other TB’s and people just aren’t favouring yours. It can be a very frustrating feeling knowing that you’ve spent a bit of money on an item for it to go MIA…well now there’s a website that can help you locate your missing TB and get it back into circulation so it can carry on its travels around the world again!

I’m unable to give you a full verdict on the tb-rescue site as I’ve only just signed up, but I thought you might be interested in the concept of it. You simply sign up to an area and if there are any TB’s within that zone that need rescuing then you will receive an email letting you know where it is and how long it’s been stuck in a cache for so that you can go and rescue it. In the same respect you can add your TB to the missing list and someone somewhere may be a good samaritan and go and check it out for you.

There’s a great little video explaining what it’s all about below which is worth looking at for a chuckle.


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