Waverley Abbey and the Dockenfield Dash…

A wander around Waverley followed by a dash around Dockenfield!


With news that my Mum and Bro were coming to stay for a few days plans were quickly drawn up for potential new adventures whilst they were here. We’d all agreed to do something outdoors, which we all now know is code for ‘I’m scouring the map for Geocaches‘, and between us we eventually settled on a nice walk around the ‘Dockenfield Dash‘. Not wanting my Mum to get too disheartened that we weren’t going to be visiting a National Trust place, and after hearing the cries of ‘Oh but you have so many nice places down there that we haven’t been to…’, I made a mental note that I needed to somehow incorporate something unusual into the days adventure too.

Waverley Abbey…

Close to Dockenfield sits the remains of the wonderful Waverley Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey built around 1128. Open pretty much daily between daylight hours and free to visit I knew I’d found the answer I’d been looking for!

Waverely Hall

Waverely Hall

Opting to have a wander around the abbey first we arrived and found the last available parking space. Don’t you love it when that happens?! We booted up, unsure of how muddy it was going to be, but we needn’t have. The walk to the abbey was along a decent footpath and the grass around the area wasn’t too high and it hadn’t rained for a few days so there was no mud involved.

Like a Monet

Like a Monet painting…

In fact it was actually so nice at the abbey that we decided to sit on the grass and have our packed lunches there. It’s definitely the perfect spot for a picnic, sit somewhere in the middle of the grounds and you’ll have a great view of the beautiful ruins of the abbey all around you.

The Dockenfield Dash…

The Dockenfield Dash was a really nice circuit of 22 caches placed across a variety of terrain levels. The views were excellent and we spotted plenty of flora and fauna along the way which added to the enjoyment of the walk.

At one point during the walk, we found some chalk and drew pictures of ourselves on the posts for other walkers to have a giggle at. As you can see there’s no Van Gogh’s amongst us!

I really recommend this Geocaching circuit if you fancy a good walk with a nice set of fairly well maintained caches. We awarded a favourite point to Dockenfield Dash 22, which perhaps wasn’t our favourite of the circuit but we were awarding it there for the whole walk.

Let me know if you’ve got any great places that we should tag on to our Geocaching adventures 🙂

Happy caching!

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