Where to go Geocaching in Northumberland


Lindisfarne Gospels (Holy Island) – GC49XKX by Cuthbert’s Ghost 

Difficulty 2.5 – Terrain 2.5

Cache Type: Multicache

Cache Location: Holy Island

Current number of favourite points: 49 

The CO name made me laugh here, if you’re going to check out Holy Island whilst you’re there then have a look at its history over at the English Heritage’s site.


Cuthbert’s Ghost – GC1HAJ2 by HarryHotspur 

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 2

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Holy Island

Current number of favourite points: 58 

Cuthbert strikes again with another popular cache on Holy Island.


Dunstanburgh Castle – GCXCGX by broadsword 

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Dunstanburgh Castle

Current number of favourite points: 58 

Perhaps you could tie this one in with number 11 on the list, and who doesn’t love walking around old castle ruins?!


Lindisfarne Causeway – GC2993D by TelemachusGB

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 1

Cache Type: Earthcache

Cache Location: Lindisfarne

Current number of favourite points: 86

A wonderful Earthcache that should help you get your head around the tides. 🙂


Bamburgh 360 – GCRANB by Davey P 

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 2

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Bamburgh

Current number of favourite points: 102 

Worth it just for the view! Check out the cache page, it’s beautiful, I’ll give you a hint as to what you might see…Bamburgh is famous for its castle! 😉

Worthy mentions…

Although not on the final list there are a couple of spots that are also worth checking out. Last summer MrBizkitz and I were passing through Northumberland and stopped off at Hadrian’s Wall to pick up WALLTOWN QUARRY (see pic below) which we thought would be great as a cache and dash but the parking was quite pricey for the amount of time we were there, although you couldn’t fault the views! There’s a great walk in the area too so if you’re heading that way try and cram in a few more caches to get your money’s worth on the parking… 😉

Up on Hadrian's Wall

Views from Hadrian’s Wall

If you do decide to make the trip up there check out Northumberlandia for something a little different. It’s a huge piece of public art carefully built into the landscape spanning a quarter of a mile long and reaching a height of 100 feet depicting a reclining lady (see pic below). It’s pretty awe-inspiring, have a look at that link for more information.

Whilst there you can also pick up the cache Arty Girl which is accessible from the site. 🙂


“Northumberlandia” CC 2013 Paul

Well, from this brief snapshot into Northumberland’s Geocaching scene it’s clear to me that there’s plenty to do. Whether you like finding caches with a historical background, along a coastline, on a tidal island, near a stunning castle, on a cliffs edge…the choices are seemingly endless…don’t forget to have a look at the Visit Northumberland website to really get inspired, who know’s maybe now it’ll be on your next Geocaching hit list?

Have you been Geocaching in Northumberland? Which ones are your favourite caches there? Are there any that haven’t made the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, happy caching everyone!

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