Treasure hunting on the River Trent…

Treasure hunting on the Trent…

Newark-On-Trent Geocaches

Newark-On-Trent Geocaches

The River Trent runs through the Midlands from its source in Staffordshire before joining the River Ouse to form the Humber Estuary between Hull and Immingham. We took a bitterly cold and very windy walk along a small stretch of it to pick up some geocaches in Newark on the 27th December 2013.

The trail, called ‘The Bridges of Newark‘, crossed back and forth over the river starting in the South and then moving Northwards at a distance of around 3km. I really enjoyed the walk but unfortunately the stormy weather had brought a lot of rubbish to the area and so some stretches were nicer than others. I’m sure it’s a more pleasant walk in the summer though!

Our aim had been to collect the clues from the Geocaches to pick up the final bonus cache at the end but sadly we ended up with a couple of DNF’s which meant that we couldn’t complete the series. The ones we did find were in good order though, well hidden and in interesting spots which made up for it. There is currently a  lot of building work going on along one part of the river though and it looks like they’re making some nice houses which will be great for Newark!

If you’re in the area I’d recommend checking out the castle grounds and the old market in the centre of Newark which has plenty of nice quirky buildings and of course a Church Micro (CM3383 Newark). 😉

One of the bridges

One of the bridges

Newark on Trent Castle

“Newark 76 R Trent 01a castle fhdr” © 2008 Peter2010.


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