The Hog’s Back Reservoir Series…

Our new favourite Geocaching circuit…


Being fans of Geocaching circuits we’re always on the lookout for somewhere new that isn’t too far away from home and the ‘Hog’s Back’ circuit, starting here at Hog’s Back number 1, ticked that box.

Hog's Back reservoir Geocaching series

Hog’s Back reservoir Geocaching series

Did you know?

The ‘Hog’s Back‘, the area around this circuit – along the North Downs Way, has been noted by a couple of literary giants. One noted on the cache page is Aldous Huxley who in his novel Brave New World wrote…

On the north the view was bounded by the long chalk ridge of the Hog’s Back, from behind whose eastern extremity rose the towers of the seven skyscrapers which constituted Guildford.

Who knows what the ‘seven skyscrapers’ he was referring to were, but these days there is a great view of Guildford Cathedral from up here! So too did Jane Austen write about travelling near to, or on, the ‘Hog’s-back’ in a letter to her sister Cassandra.

Upon the whole it was an excellent journey & very thoroughly enjoyed by me; the weather was delightful the greatest part of the day. Henry found it too warm, & talked of its being close sometimes, but to my capacity it was perfection. I never saw the country from the Hogsback so advantageously.

I couldn’t put it better myself, although I wasn’t in the company of hot Henry.


I’d already done a little bit of caching around here whilst MrBizkitz had been playing cricket over at Guildford CC last summer and so I knew how nice the area was. My original route had taken me all around Guildford and eventually up to Seven Skyscrapers where I’d found someone doing some acrobatics in a tree, of course it was a fellow Geocacher. He’d not found the cache at that point and so after introductions we both began climbing around in the trees looking for it but neither of us could locate the little blighter. We were both heading in different directions and so we said our farewells and made tracks but I knew one day I’d be back!

With MrBizkitz in tow we found a parking space near to The Hog’s Back Reservoir #20 which is where we started our walk for the day. This first cache let us know how difficult the subsequent ones were going to be, it took us around five minutes to locate it once at GZ and even then I think it was by pure chance as we were considering giving up!

The next couple in the series, Back from the brink and JAG-IN-A-BAG (COIN CACHE), were nice and easy, but with lower difficulty ratings, a different cache setter, and larger caches we hadn’t been expecting them to be tricky and so we were pleased to locate them both quickly. One of them was an ammo can which was a nice bonus! Next up was Seven Skyscrapers and I was determined to find it this time, I remembered the tree that I’d climbed and headed straight to it and, straight up it. But again, there was no sign of the cache. 🙁 MrBizkitz had opted to tackle a different tree and also had no luck. We swapped trees just in case there was something either of us had missed but couldn’t find it. And then, boom, there it was, almost right between my eyes! How on Earth we’d missed it I’ll never know but I for one was glad to have this one ticked off the list!

North Downs Way sign

Along the North Down’s Way

After this we headed back along the path to Hog’s Back Reservoir #1 where the real trouble started. The walk itself was nice and easy but all of the caches were exceedingly tricky and I’m not going to spoil any of them for you, you’ll have to look for them yourselves! 😉 But I will say that we awarded favourite points at numbers #17 and #19 although to be fair the whole series deserved favourite points.

Hog's Back Geocaches

MrBizkitz along the Hog’s Back route

We never did find #10 in the series, but we now know it’s there and we must just not have been looking hard enough! We also managed to squeeze in JAG002 which was along our route and so all in all we found 23 geocaches that day and walked around 5 and a half miles. Not bad for a days work!

Hog's Back view

Lovely view at the end!

If you’re thinking of doing this series we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Good luck and happy caching!

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