The conclusion to our ‘mega-multi month’ challenge.

Autumn shades

Autumn shades, Lovelace Bridges Trail

The end of our mega-multi month challenge…


Well, despite one little **hiccup** in our mega-multi month we did manage to complete our challenge in the end! Huzzah! Our aim had been to find 20 multi-caches and we ended up finding 24 with our most fruitful day around the lovely town of Reigate.

We managed to get some brilliant days out and I ended up awarding favourite points to a couple of them, so here’s the list:

  1. 02/11/13 – Church Micro 2678…Downside – A really, really small but beautiful chapel called St Michael’s in the lovely village of Downside. Some really nice old cottage style houses around here, and the find wasn’t too difficult once we’d found the relevant information.
  2. 09/11/13 – The Lovelace Bridges Trail – A fantastic multi that we didn’t find on our first attempt but after a quick nudge from the CO on one of our answers we were put in the right direction and we returned to find the cache. We added a favourite point for this one as it’s a really great walk. For more information on this one check out my review.
  3. 09/11/13 – Church Micro 4…Shere – Shere is a great place, plenty of history to learn about around here and this cache was no exception. The hide was a little trickier as the area was fenced off…luckily I hadn’t eaten any pies that day 😉
  4. 09/11/13 – Church Micro 1692…Gomshall…United Reform – A Church built very close to a road or a road built very close to a Church….who knows 😉 Either way a nice quick find and we were off on our way to…
  5. 09/11/13 – A Fine Pair #62 ~ Abinger Hammer – British Geocaching at its best, the ‘a fine pair’ series of caches are placed when a red telephone box and a red post box are within 20 feet of each other. Unfortunately for us the cache itself was quite some distance away from them which equated to us having a very brisk walk down a fairly busy road before we found a footpath. The cache itself was good though and the walk back to the car had some great views so it wasn’t all bad 🙂
  6. 10/11/13 – Another Weyside Wander – Another favourite point here, an excellent stroll down the River Wey with a chance to have a look at some of the millionaire mansions on the riverside. I’ve talked more about this ‘mzadventure’ here. Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.
  7. 11/11/13 – Church Micro 1191…Milford-St John’s – One of those really enjoyable Church Micro’s where you click with exactly what you need to do and the coords all come together and you put your hand straight on the cache. Sweet. **Finding this one also meant that we qualified for ‘our hiccup’…which was the Church Micro Date Challenge which we’d worked on for a year!**
  8. 14/11/13 – The Smallest(?) Royal Park – A nice little day trip to London to catch up with my best friend and my brother turned out to be quite a fun day of caching too. This one was in a great location in a part of London I’ve never been, great views down the river and with all the autumn leaves falling off the trees it was really pretty too. Visitors to this one beware the statue is no longer there but the information can be found easily enough if you look in the right place 😉
  9. 14/11/13 – Church Micro 4000 – London Westminster Abbey – It’s Westminster Abbey, you can’t really go wrong….or can you? Well, it turns out we (me and my friend) ended up with the wrong coords to start with but a little backtracking and recalculating meant we were back on the right path and soon had the cache in hand 🙂 Perfect!
  10. 14/11/13 – Carry on Follow That camel – Managed to solve this one from the comfort of the sofa before getting into London which lead to a nice simple pick up at GZ. Nice little park from my little Google Earth hunt though, one I’ll pop into at some point when I’ve got more time 🙂
  11. 16/11/13 – Church Micro 1544…Fetcham-Cannon Court – Nice and easy this one, just a regular CM with a GZ close by it’s definitely a good choice if you’re short on time.
  12. 16/11/13 – Church Micro 1545…Fetcham-Holy Spirit – Having previously logged a DNF on this one and thinking that we might be going senile it turns out that the phone number we’d needed to work out the coords had changed. The CO had returned to check on this one though and rejigged the numbers which meant we had a nice easy find this time. 🙂
  13. 16/11/13 – Canadian Tribute Cache – Hidden on a slippery, muddy bank…it could only mean one thing. A disaster was looming. Indeed I was the first to come a cropper sliding straight to the bottom on hands and bum. I turned round to shout be careful to MrBizkitz…but alas it was too late and he rapidly joined me at the bottom of the bank. I have to say his fall was a lot more stylish. Credit where credits due.
  14. 16/11/13 – Homer? – One of those bridges that you’d walk over and think nothing more of it…unless you’re a Geocacher on a mission 😉 Nice little multi.
  15. 16/11/13 – Church Micro 43…Leatherhead – Our knowledge of Roman numerals has improved since decoding this multi!!
  16. 17/11/13 – Church Micro 2966…Thames Ditton – URC – MrBizkitz had to help me find this one! I was thinking it would be a lot higher than it was…really busy around here too. Tricky!
  17. 23/11/13 – Church Micro 1364…Reigate-St Philips – A really cool looking Church.
  18. 23/11/13 – Church Micro 1668…Reigate-St Lukes – Another beautiful Church with some stunning windows!
  19. 23/11/13 – Church Micro 1667…Reigate Park Church – Quick to work out, great for a cache and dash.
  20. 23/11/13 – Church Micro 1823…Reigate-St Mary’s – Really nice Church with a huge graveyard.
  21. 23/11/13 – Reigate Castle, Cave and Tunnel – One of our highlights of the month, a really nice walk around Reigate (see link for Reigate at the top of the page for more!)
  22. 23/11/13 – Church Micro 1368…Reigate Catholic – I really liked where you had to get the information from on this one…one where you needed to be a little methodical.
  23. 24/11/13 – Hersham Centre and Riverside – We were saving these two until last as they were our closest unsolved multi-caches. This one was actually really good, it’s a shame more people haven’t got around to this one yet!
  24. 24/11/13 – Horses – Our last one of the month, and a nice one to finish…little tricky to park down the lane at GZ but we got there at the wrong time I think. A nice location though if you like your GG’s 😉

So, a lot of Church Micro’s, which we were expecting (and very happy to pick up having been freed from the shackles of our monthly afore mentioned CM challenge), and also a lot of really well constructed multi’s around some pretty villages and along riversides and through great parks and beautiful woodlands. What more could you want?

We had a really great time finding them all but it’ll be nice to get back to finding whatever types of caches we like again!!

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