The best Geo-Art designs from around the World!

Our smileys!

Our first completed Geo-Art!

Amazing Geo-Art designs…


After completing the Sussex Olympic Rings Series I thought I’d have a look around for some more ‘Geo-Art‘…turns out there are hundreds of designs out there! Some of them are pretty amazing too, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you all. It’s taken me quite a while to compile this list but please let me know if there are any mistakes, or anything I can add to it! Click on any of the pictures to see a bigger version and follow the links underneath for more information on them. Enjoy!

*Update 13/08/14*

*Well, nearly a year has passed since I put this post together and after some lovely comments and feedback from the great ‘caching community I’ve decided to extend this post to include some new pieces of Geo-Art. This has mainly been spurred on by an epic bookmark list put together by Ray, he’s also put together this helpful geo-art page with some extra information for you all 🙂

He’s also included more of the US’s State Stars, I’ve only added a couple but for more of those go check out his site! 🙂

So if you’ve already seen this page before but want to check out the new ones then simply scroll all the way down to 1.1 on the list! Hope you enjoy it!

And again, let me know if you spot any mistakes or know of anymore pieces I can add!*

Starting with some smiley’s and a frown!

A) Smiley Face Puzzles #1

B) Oregon’s Biggest Smiley – Bonus

C) Makin’ You Smile: Getting Around The Big City

D) HAPPY to see you!

E) #1 Reservoir Frown

F) S1

Some containing words and numbers;

G) It’s a Small World – San Jose, California

H) N.U.T.S. INVASION #1 – Three Bottles (maybe more)

I) Budapest Puzzle 01

J) 22.2753-25.1823

K) Granite Mountain Hot Shots 1

L) TEXAS T01 – Texas EXtraordinary Achievement Series

M) HZ-Handles

N) OZ-Jack Haley

O) Oz Mega 2014 SA #1

P) Husker Trail 1

Q) P 1 PEI Series *Archived*

R) Nicht noch ne Dose im Wald

S) K57 Puzzle series K-1 *Archived*

T) GC Trail #1

U) ALOHA from O’ahu – Waikiki Aquarium


W) WSGA 01: Scooby Loves Seattle Landmarks!

X) Route 66 Landmark Caches

Y) 2407 #1

Z) Route 66.24 (Rodney)

A few Geocaching related ones, including Signal the Frog 🙂

1) HG-01 Bryan (Lackey)

2) CC12 F55 – Tips 1 – Dungen

3) 01 – Signal the Frog

4) Oz Mega 2014 Signal #1

5) Nephelin –>

6) Signal A

And finally, some more beautiful designs!

7) Geo Art: Bicyclist – #01

8) Polaris


10) OV-101 Enterprise

11) Give Peace a Chance

12) ZIA 1

13) The Sith Lord Lives! #1

14) Icthys-1 (Genesis)

15) Project Hyperion #1 – Singularity Rising

16) PEACE SIGN SERIES #1: Can you feel the Peace?

17) BLM-Flight of “001 Thunderbird”

18) Airliner 01#36: Der Geocache-Flieger

19) RT M1 Geografi

20) Doctor Who is 50: 01 – 11 Doctors?


22) Utah Star #01 – Stars Across America

23) LV#001

24) SD – Bernese Mountain Dog

25) Temple #1 – the end is near!

26) KZ-St. Louis Rivers

27) 001-The Hog Trail

28) Boothill.001.Ormsby

29) Just a Nuance

30) Chacana

31)  0001 RR – 4-4-0 General

32) HOTD – “You and I”

33) #1 Oregon Star – Stars Across America

34) Kuiper Gap

35) Head Alien #01

36) Pyramidia-1 Das Grab des Pharao YEPH


38) USMC-001-Revolutionary War

39) Project Hyperellipsis #1 – Arashi (NC!)

40) CREW Rookery #01 Voice like a Nightingale

41) Kelowna’s Challenge Bear #1

42) #01 WiW – Warten auf’s Christkind – 16. Tag

43) Earl “Curley” Lambeau

44) M-01

45) T-01

46) Westphalian

47) K9 Stewie

48) Heavenly

49) Sailing #1

50) Ogopogo #1

51) Zubata Zaba 001

52) PL Trail – PL1 – Submitted by Karen 🙂 Thank you!

53) GCCO GeoArt #0001 – Submitted by Randy (RGTK Willis) 🙂 Thank you! This is a truly epic piece of GeoArt, click the link to find out more about it…all I’ll say is that it’s 60×60 miles wide! Amazing 🙂 *Archived*

*Updated list 13/08/14*

1.1) The Big LW – 01

1.2) Come Get Your Smiley #1

1.3) PACB 2012 – It’s not polite to stare

1.4) Do you know the Q?

1.5) Signal Makes His Mark #1

1.6) Find (A) fra Power Trail serien.

1.7) #1 Alheimer Wanderrunde “Bonus”


1.9) Real Club Celta de Vigo #001

2.0) You Sank My Battleship *Archived*

2.1) WTD? – The Best Geocache Ever

2.2) 23.06.10 #1

2.3) CREW Rookery #01 Voice like a Nightingale


2.5) GTC1


2.7) Mercedes-Benz 1.0

2.8) Classical Gas: Jukebox Oldies

2.9) Alabama High School Mascots #1

3.0) The Smilie Manifesto #1

3.1) 45th Annual Easter Jeep Safari 2011

3.2) ?- Introduction à la série “?”

3.3) Heart of The Matter

3.4) [EVT5N] 404: Cache not found #01

3.5) RCAF 90-1

3.6) NFL Series Final

3.7) Purple Heart Series #01

3.8) Moses

3.9) C1 – Colombier

4.0) Yellow Submarine – Love Me Do

4.1) A-Dayton Flyer

4.2) zany

4.3) 01 – Le bleuet du Lac-St-Jean

4.4) IGO #1

4.5) Cash Tender

4.6) Blinky #01

4.7) WT – 1 North Point Spur

4.8) WildRide001


5.0) Airliner 01#36: Der Geocache-Flieger

5.1) Bow Tie #01

5.2) AMMO! #1

5.3) HSS – Michael Jordan

5.4) Youpi’s Bone: Badminton

5.5) 01 Bondeøksa + info

5.6) 1 Hiker – FolboterJAF

5.7) Cache Stats Challenge #1

5.8) M11 Matrix

5.9) Get Your SWAG On #01

6.0) Arrowhead #1 – Avonlea Classic


6.2) Dice Series 01

6.3) Star Trek: Set Phasers to Stun

6.4) K01: Spell ‘I Love Kansas City’ Challenge

6.5) B-2 Spirit of Geocaching 01

6.6) 1 – Géo-Art Nordique

6.7) Smiles for all: Lake Lure part 01

6.8) Organ

6.9) A TAD Off-Center

7.0) Duckayakanoe #1

7.1) Black Mask *Archived*

7.2) #1 Big Blue

7.3) Ram Fan #1

7.4) 01 Dolphin in the River *Archived*

7.5) Logo VT B1

7.6) Christmas Tree: Bonus Gift

7.7) It’s All About Me #1

7.8) EyeDIOT Jones and the Caches’ Key – ch. 01

7.9) SGL 01 Stumped?

8.0) Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Arizona

8.1) Kiwi GeoTrail Tahi (Porirua)

8.2) Cabernet Sauvignon

8.3) Red Rox Letterbox #1

8.4) #01 Ein Lichtlein brennt… – 4. Tag

8.5) 01_4Gewinnt-Let’s Go

8.6) PuCK Butterfly#1 – Farm Twitcher

8.7) Défi mon Pseudo “Challenge cache”

8.8) cougarT #01

8.9) [01] HI – Be Happy!

9.0) The Early Years – Richard Sligh

9.1) Alien Tracks #1

9.2) Bunte Vogelwelt #1

9.3) Canada Loon: Reach for the Sky

9.4) Cercle – Le bouleau

9.5) 01. Géo Art Charlevoix, P.Q.

9.6) “da Neiche” – most(4tel)krug 1

9.7) PT – Casa de Santana #1

9.8) Geo-Boat #1

9.9) TMHCR – #030WV

10.0) La cité du vase #1 – le SMS

10.1) Dove 01

10.2) Das A #01

10.3) #01 – Fly so high

10.4) Cryptography Machine Series M-209

10.5) S & J’s Valentine Walkabout #1

10.6) Three Geo-Art 01

10.7) Back Home Again in Adams County

10.8) LOS – T5- Trail SH 1

10.9) #001 GMF GA VC DL#32 Mafianavnet.

11.0) Querdenker 01

11.1) FM01 – Montréal, le Grand Jeu

11.2) Eagle001

11.3) FSP Camping Available #1

11.4) Arizona Star Center

11.5) 01 Fahrvergnügen Freeway: SlugBug68

11.6) PIN01: Message In a Bottle

This list is by no means extensive so apologies for any awesome Geo-Art that I’ve missed out. I used a combination of Geocaching Bookmark lists and pure chance for some of them so there may well be some really nice new ones out there?! Let me know folks and I’ll add it to the list 🙂

I’m very tempted to set up my own piece of Geo-Art for my first Geocaches but I’d like them to be ‘unknown’ ones so it might take me a while to come up with some ideas for them. Watch this space!

Until then, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the very impressive Geo-Art out there. If you’re considering making your own, this is one of the best tutorials I’ve found.

There’s also a nice article about number 17 on the list from The Geocaching Blog.

You can also see these amazing pieces of Geo-Art on my Pinterest page and share them with your friends!

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Our completed Sussex Olympic Rings Geocache finds.

Our smileys!

Or to hear about our race to finish our first piece of Geo-Art check out the post ‘A Geocaching MzAdventure of Olympic proportions‘!

**Check out the new Geo-Art update over at “The best Geo-Art designs from around the World part two!“**

Happy caching people!

30 thoughts on “The best Geo-Art designs from around the World!

    • Heya 🙂
      Glad you liked the page, I know what you mean…I keep thinking I need to book some flights and get some of them ticked off! Really like the steam train one in Idaho (31) and the polar bear chasing the man in BC (41). Maybe I’ll get to do them one day! 😉
      Happy caching x

  1. Pingback: Geocaching Geo-Art page updated... | Geocaching MzAdventures

    • No problems! 🙂 I’m glad it’s been useful for you, I should be introducing some more to the site as time goes by so keep checking back! All the best, Bex

  2. out by Calgary Alberta and thunder bay Ontario there are a couple of cool Geo art i prefer the one out in Calgary though

    • You’ve just made me realise there’s a whole bunch of new ones in Canada I need to add to the list too. Some really great ones as I was looking for Calgary! Thanks for that! Hope you’re well, Bex

  3. Great listing of Geo-Arts 🙂

    To your information 10.9) #001 GMF GA VC DL#32 Mafianavnet. is in Norway, not Germany 😉

    I have a Geo-art placed in Asti, Italy. It’s shaped as the map of Norway (almost, at least) 😉 It’s made of 66 traditional caches.

    Link to the first one in the art is here 🙂

    • Thank you so much for letting me know, I’ve just corrected my mistake! 🙂
      I’m actually halfway through putting together another update of this page so I’ll definitely add your lovely piece of Geo-art to it! I’m very impressed that you’ve managed to keep them all traditional’s, that must have taken some working out!!
      Many thanks, and if you see any other Geo-arts that I’ve missed do let me know.
      All the best, Bex

    • Nice one! Switzerland is such a lovely part of the world too. I’d love to get over there for that one! Many thanks for letting me know, I’ll add it on to my next update! Bex 🙂

    • Great piece! Took me a minute to get my eyes around the right way 😉 I’ll definitely add it to my next update. Should be finished in the next couple of weeks 🙂 Many thanks for letting me know about it, happy caching! Bex

  4. Great collection of geoart! Another to add to the mix is the Just Ducky series in San Francisco Bay! N 37° 48.978 W 122° 25.954

    – Chris (yamjerky)

  5. Hey, I know you have a list of geoart, and I just had some geoart published last night that I wanted to include in your list. The first one is GC6ETEA Death Star #1. Let me know if you need any more info, and thanks!

    • Nice one KesselRun, bet that took a while to get all of those puzzles together! Many thanks for letting me know about it, I’ve added it to my blog. If you spot anymore around drop me a line! All the best, Bex

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  7. Thanks so much for compiling these. I was searching for the Kokopelli image but its location is only listed as ” Near W Old Highway, on the Utah Arizona border”. Do you have anymore information about that one? I can’t seem to locate it. But, while searching for it, I found 3 others. The first can be found by searching GC2KDZX. The second can be found by searching GCV8W1. The third can be found by searching GC6YR8D. Thanks again.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Many thanks for sending me some new geo-arts it’s been a while since I scanned the map for some! To find the Kokopelli one try GC26H87 or when using the ‘view geocache map’ function from the website type ‘St George’ into the ‘search for geocaches’ at the left side of the page and zoom out about four times. The geo-art should be tucked in the left side of the screen about midway up. You will need to zoom back into that area to see it, he’s standing right on the Utah border! Hope that helps 🙂 Thanks again and happy caching, Bex

  8. I have made 3 pieces of Geo-Art all located west of Brisbane in Australia. The first was the Map of Australia (see GC64754 Brisbane) using 35 caches, the second was The Australian Coat of Arms (see GC6F28E Shield #1) using 81 caches and lastly the Star Ship Enterprise (see GC7394F SSE #1) which contained 104 caches.

    I would love it if you could include them in you next up date.

    Brother Colin

    • Hey Brother Colin,

      Thanks for sending me over some of your amazing Geo-Art! I aim to get a new Geo-Art post out in the New Year, I’ll definitely add yours to my list! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

      All the best, Bex

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