The amazing adventure of ‘King Arthur’s Return’!

The Geocaching quest to find ‘King Arthur’s Return’…


We like to do something a little different when we reach a milestone and I’d been hoping to keep this particular cache for our 2000th find but as our 1500th cache find crept nearer I just couldn’t resist it any longer and so off we trundled up to Camelot…aka Bedfont Lakes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The cache, King Arthur’s Return, is based on the legend of…yup, you guessed it, King Arthur and so I decided to do a little background research on the legend before we left in case anything might help with our quest to find the cache… I’d also studied the cache page quite closely, and printed the map off, and checked, and double checked that the app worked on both of our phones before leaving and so I felt รผber prepared for what we were about to do…however, what actually occurred wasn’t quite what either of us expected…

King Arthur's map Geocaching

King Arthur’s Return map…

By the time we arrived at Bedfont Lakes we were both in character and looking forward to facing the first challenge of our quest. The map I’d printed out soon became irrelevant as the app on my phone was fantastic for showing where we needed to go and so with both phones following the trail we headed to ‘Millennium Hill’.

After answering the necessary questions at the first waypoint we were guided to the next stage and so on throughout the day, each stage had its own very clever elements to it, which I won’t talk about here because I don’t want to spoil it for others…we really enjoyed the Camelot stage even though the area was quite busy we still managed to find what we needed to and could move on with our quest.

Our favourite stage was the battle which had us both fighting ‘baddies’ in the middle of a field much to the perplexity and amusement of several muggles. We particularly enjoyed this bit because we were both doing it on our separate phones which meant that there were points when we’d be running in opposite directions to each other to go into battle…ahhh it’s so hard to explain without giving the whole game away! Either way, if anyone who’s completed this cache reads this then they’ll understand what I mean, and for those thinking about doing it…good luck it’s great fun!

King Arthur's legend

Dare you take the quest?

I’d definitely recommend this cache, if you’re in a group to all have the app loaded on your device if possible…safety in numbers and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll admit when I started reading the cache page for this one that I was a little daunted by all the information but it’s actually really very easy to complete and would definitely be a hit with the geokids! Let me know if you’ve found this cache, I’d love to hear your take on it! Happy hunting!

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