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Getting the Subterranean Homesick Blues…


Every time we’re heading back up to the Midlands I always have a sneaky look at the puzzles to see whether there are any on the D/T grid that we can pick off (I make it sound easy saying it like that but they’re never easy!).

One that really caught my eye for it’s D5T3.5 rating was called ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues‘ and, as it was named after a song by an artist I’m fond of I thought I’d have a quick look, assuming that with a difficulty 5 rating I’d probably just end up giving up on the idea after reading the cache page. However, things took an interesting turn when I managed to find my way through the first part of the puzzle and I soon became hooked on it!

We're talkin' Bob Dylan here!

“Talkin’ Bob Dylan” © 2012 Ben Didier.

After reaching the end of the first trail I made very little headway and had no idea which direction to take. The cache page hints at the Bob Dylan song of the same name and so I chased all possible solutions in relation to Mr Dylan but reached a new dead end.

I passed my workings out over to my partner in crime and he too became transfixed by the puzzle and took a completely different direction to me. Within a few days we were struck by the glaringly obvious thing that we hadn’t tried and minutes later we were into the next stage of the puzzle!!!

Did I mention there were about 5 parts to this cache? No wonder the difficulty rating was so high!

Once into the ‘subterranean bunker’ we were greeted by more devious puzzles, some of which required more effort than others to decipher, and some ciphers that we were lucky to have come across in solving previous geocaches. But there was one particularly stubborn stage that we just couldn’t get through. Another couple of days passed and we wondered whether we would ever break the final code…

‘It’s always the last thing you try’ or so that immortal saying goes…but then you wouldn’t try anything else once you’ve figured it out would you 😉 and neither did we once we’d got it! It was so satisfying seeing the page which confirmed that we’d got the solution…and it all happened the night before we were due to leave for Mansfield too. Definitely an omen for a mzadventure if ever there was one!

And so, on the way back from our treasure hunting trip in Newark we decided to take a slightly longer route home to pick this one up. My Mum had been out walking around this area and so was familiar with the route to it, but she opted to stay in the car with my brother whilst we went to find it. I did warn her that we might be a while as I saw it was quite a walk from where we were parked and I’d noticed that there’d been a few DNF’s on the cache page which suggested it wasn’t easy. With the 3.5 terrain rating I was expecting there to be some climbing involved so I was just praying that the sun wouldn’t set before we’d reached GZ…

Once there however the terrain rating made complete sense! Definitely an interesting spot for sure. It took us quite a while to locate the cache as the included ‘spoiler’ picture gave no real clue as to the size of the container and so  with a bit of patience and some trial and error…the familiar, ‘I’ve got it’, cry was heard and the cache was in hand!

Hallelujah! We signed the cache as the sun was setting and made our way back to my patiently awaiting family who congratulated us on the find 🙂 Happy days!

The Holy Grail!

The Holy Grail!

I really recommend having a go at this one, even if you only get through a couple of stages of it, it’s created beautifully and it’s definitely one of the most ingenious we’ve come across for a while!

It’ll also give you an excuse to watch Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video which is said to be one of the first rap videos…whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter, it’s still a great song, with some interesting ‘subliminal’ messages, that’s worth a listen. 😉

Although personally I think I’ll be glad not to hear it for a while after doing this geocache!!

Happy hunting folks and thanks again for the geocache ‘HH’!

From the Bob Dylan film "Subterranean Homesick Blues"

“Subterranean Homesick Blues” © 2008 Niklas Hellerstedt.


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