Steamboat paddling over to the Bastei Bridge in Germany…

*Somewhere for the weekend* ~ Bastei Bridge, Germany.

In this week’s edition we’re taking a steamboat paddling adventure from Dresden down the River Elbe to the Bastei rock formations in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Straddling the Czech Republic border with South East Germany these unusual rock formations provide wonderful views over the river and to the nearby Elbe sandstone mountains. They also house a Victorian stone bridge, an old ruined castle and, of course, a couple of Geocaches…

Bastei Bridge within the Elbe Sandstone Mountains CC2007 TauSo

Bastei Bridge within the Elbe Sandstone Mountains CC2007 TauSo

Must sees…

If you are taking the steamboat from Dresden you’ll have the perfect view up to the Bastei bridge from the river Elbe, however if you’re arriving from a different direction it’s still worth getting yourself down to the river for that view. ūüôā

The Bastei Bridge viewable from the Elbe River in Germany CC2014 John Menard

The Bastei Bridge viewable from the Elbe River in Germany CC2014 John Menard

If the climb hasn’t taken your breath away then the view from the bridge certainly will…remember ‘The best view comes after the hardest climb.’ ūüôā

If you have time then get yourself over to the¬†K√∂nigstein Fortress one of the largest hilltop fortifications in Europe. With over 50 buildings it’s a very impressive sight and one of Saxon Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations.

Try the walking route Schrammsteine¬†through the Saxon Switzerland National Park and navigate your way through narrow gorges, ladder ascents and over to a beer garden at Kuhstall before walking to the Lichtenhain waterfall and taking the historical tram ‘Kirnitzschtalbahn‘ back to Bad Schandau.

Kirnitzschtalbahn Tram nr 8, Bad Schandau, Sachsen. July 1992 CC2009 Sludge G

Kirnitzschtalbahn Tram nr 8, Bad Schandau, Sachsen. July 1992 CC2009 Sludge G

Best Geocaches in the area…

Bastei – GC1V22T by Wambeler

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Earthcache

Number of favourite points: 408 

If you want to know more about the geology surrounding the creation of the fantastic rock formation that is ‘Bastei’ then this is the cache for you. When something as beautiful as Bastei is 180 million years in the making you should take notice of it and this cache illustrates how this majestic landmark and popular tourist attraction was formed. No wonder it’s the most favourited cache in the area!

Basteibr√ľcke und Felsenburg Neurathen – GC442HE by rubecula

Difficulty 2.5 – Terrain 3

Cache Type: Traditional

Number of favourite points: 261 

A physical cache at the actual location so you’ve got an excuse to go up there and take in the views ūüėČ Tick off the Neurathen Castle whilst you’re there for the small sum of ‚ā¨2 you can see the excavation work and check out the medieval catapult used to defend the castle.

Labyrinth РGCH4XR by vinzi 

Difficulty 2.5 – Terrain 3.5

Cache Type: Traditional

Number of favourite points: 224 

A rock maze…sign me up please! Obviously this is aimed at kids and may be a tight squeeze for people of a larger physique but definitely worth heading over to if you’re in the area.

Klettern am K√ĖNIG – GC1D9TJ by pit2002¬†

Difficulty 1 – Terrain 5

Cache Type: Traditional

Number of favourite points: 174 

Klettern am K√ĖNIG roughly translated means ‘Climbing the King’. This is not an easy cache which you’ll note from the terrain rating. If you’re not an experienced climber then please consider taking someone with you who is!

Herrenrunde BONUS РGC5FWGN by CityLux 

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 3

Cache Type: Unknown (Puzzle/Mystery)

Number of favourite points: 173 

A good circuit must always end with a favourited bonus cache and this one is no exception.

Barbarine РGC1H9KW by Knuffelbären 

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 2.5

Cache Type: Earthcache

Number of favourite points: 148

A cache placed to highlight the most famous free-standing rock of Saxon Switzerland the ‘Barbarine’, brave climbers have reached its summit in the past but it’s now protected. It’s also been struck by lightning so it’s probably not the best thing to be close to in a storm!¬†

Top 5 facts about Bastei…


1. The Bastei rocks are 194 metres high and 305 metres above sea level.

2. The bridge is located in an area known as Saxon Switzerland (not to be confused with Switzerland which is miles away) it found its nickname after two Swiss artists were discussing the area in letters to each other writing that it was a Saxon(German) version of Switzerland. Perhaps they were referring to the Matterhorn which is another very dominating rock formation in Switzerland, who knows, either way the locals approved and the nickname soon caught on.

3. Bastei is perfect for rock climbing and thousands of people flock to the area every year to climb some of the more popular rock faces one of which is called Der M√∂nch aka ‘The Monk’.¬†

4. Caspar David Friedrich sometimes noted as the most important German artist of his time painted a beautiful painting of the Bastei bridge when it was still made from wood.

5. There are 487 steps up to the Bastei bridge which were laid in 1814 which means that the bridge in its current form celebrated its 200th birthday last year!

Having never been to Bastei I’d love to hear from you if you have. Whilst I was¬†inter-railing¬†around¬†Europe I took a train from Prague to Berlin but I wasn’t aware of this place otherwise I might have stopped off in Dresden and got myself down there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, feel free to share it with your Geocaching/Travel buddies!

Until next time, happy caching!

8 thoughts on “Steamboat paddling over to the Bastei Bridge in Germany…

  1. Yet another excellent introduction to fantastic GeoTravel! Thank you so much.

    Strangely enough, when I try to leave a comment or fave through the app there are no icons from which I can do so.

    Other sites I follow allow me to leave comments, but I can’t seem to do so with yours. So, I resort to going in through Safari and logging in that way. Could it be a setting thing, perhaps?

    • Hey Cam,
      Thank you for your comment, I’m sorry you had some problems leaving it though. I will have to have a play around with the settings and see if there’s anything I can do.
      I’ve been making a few changes to my site recently so I might have one or two plugins conflicting with each other! Many thanks for letting me know, hopefully I can find the problem and sort it out soon.
      Hope everything’s going well in Japan, love hearing about your adventures over there, although they do tend to make me rather jealous – it looks like such an amazing place to be Geocaching! :o)
      Thanks again,
      All the best,

      • Hi Bex,

        Thanks for your reply and your continuing virtual caching adventures.

        In he weekend I made four (five) new videos through my usual iMovie on my phone. This time, however, when uploading them to YouTube, they got sent to my G+ owner page which I never use. No matter how hard I try I cannot upload them to my original YouTube channel which had almost 600 videos and over 2,000 followers. It is maddening. I wanted to share them here on WordPress, but it took an entire day of frustration culminating in finally giving up and letting them load on the Master channel. I did write about it, though.

        I think that probably everywhere that is steeped in history would be awesome for geocaching, as you certainly show through your excellent V-adventures.

        Keep them coming and keep up the great work.

        Oh, and if you ever happen to find a workaround to the issue I am now experiencing with YouTube G+ nightmare, please do let me know!


        • Hey Cam,
          I’ve never had the pleasure/aggravation of using iMovie however I did some scouting around the web and found this I’m not sure if it’ll be of any help but it was worth me sending I think?! I find technology very stressful at times, I often feel like throwing my laptop out of the window but I’ve managed to refrain myself so far! I really hope you find a solution, I’ll be catching up with one of my vlogger friends soon so I’ll have to ask him for any hints for you too.
          Glad you’re enjoying my virtual adventures, I should have some more real world ones coming up soon!
          Great to here about the caching scene in Japan – keep up your blog it always makes me smile!


          • Hi Bex,

            I posted on the boards of Google and got a response that was a little bit off from my perspective, but after a few back and forths the person who helped me presented an idea that I had not needed to think of until now: save the video to photo stream, then upload directly via the YouTube uploaded.

            It worked; perfectly. And I didn’t even need to delete the other videos that went to the master G+ account by the direct upload via iMovie.

            The only weak point I could see with the YT uploader is that in the description box, there is no way to have paragraph breaks. Minor annoyance considering the fix works. It does lead me to take an extra step or two in the entire process, but that is minor. Now I know how to get my videos back on my channel that I have been using for years. (I am approaching 600 videos now).
            If you are ever interested, just look for It might appeal to you.

            Have a great week.


          • Hey Cam,
            So glad that you found the solution, Google tends to like syncing everything together which can be a massive pain. I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to have a separate G+ account page as I didn’t want it encroaching on my personal one. It’s the same with Instagram and Facebook, I’d like my Instagram photo’s to post directly to my Travel MzAdventures FB page but for some reason it has to make an announcement on my personal page too. In the end I had to unlink them and just do it manually…more time consuming but it was the only solution I could find.

            I’ve just subscribed to your YT channel! I get a feeling I might be there for a while, already been amazed at your Poland Geocoin story, can’t believe it only took a few months for it to arrive! Amazing!

            Hope you have a good week too,

          • That doesn’t sound very nice at all, Bex! I have never used Instagram although it is wildly popular. I used to use Flickr and even paid for it for years as I have thousands of photos stored there. I eventually gave up when Yahoo bought them and things started getting messy. Now I don’t bother saving photos to a photos only location; I just blast them into the story for which I took them, and that is good enough. Funny thing about me is that I never go back to look at old photos, I never kept any prints before digital came into play (well I did have tons but never looked at them and eventually tossed them out due to major moves and “wasted space”).

            I hope you like my channel! The coin from my end is not moving quickly at all. In fact I think it is sleeping somewhere. Several of the other ones I bought (gorgeous, stunning coins) seem to have gone AWOL as well. That is very frustrating.


          • I joined Flickr just before the buy out by Yahoo. It all seems to be a bit messed up for me too so I don’t tend to upload too much to it. It’s good for finding creative commons photos for my blog though.
            I always think it’s nice to print off large copies of favourite photo’s and put them in frames, I have to agree we don’t print out all of our photos either, it costs too much and like you say they only ever rarely get looked at anyway!
            I have sporadic joy with TB’s, lost my first one which was a real shame, and a few of the others have got stuck in various places. I’ll admit to emailing someone who had one of mine but I never heard anything back. It must be a great feeling when one finally completes its mission like your friends Poland one!
            I sometimes think there should be more about TB’s and Geocoins on the Geocaching website, so that people know exactly what they are and how to log them in and out of caches. Ah well – maybe one day one of mine will complete a mission!

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