Spring walk around the Leigh Wander series…

The Leigh Wander Series set by sadexploration, Surrey, UK.


The Leigh Wander series of Geocache’s is actually a new series based on an old one by sadexploration, we never got around to doing the original series which is a shame as it’s such a nice area to walk around, but we set out on a sunny spring morning back in March to complete the new 45 cache series.

Leigh Wander (bottom loop) Betchworth Brockham series (top loop)

Leigh Wander (bottom loop) Betchworth Brockham series (top loop)

We’d previously done the nearby Betchworth Brockham Loops series (top circle of smiley’s) which was great fun and so we were familiar with how nice the landscape was around here. This walk had a slightly different vista taking us across public footpaths next to wide open fields, over streams and past pill boxes…more on those later. The caches were well laid out and some of them had some neat twists which added to the day. In total the walk was around 7.5 miles and took us around four hours with a lunch break in the middle.

We found some parking nearby to the first in the series and it wasn’t long before we had our first cache Leigh History Box LW1 in hand. There was a long walk across a corn field that had recently been cropped that led us to our second find and from there on the caches were very evenly placed.

Leigh Wander geocaching series

Lovely view on the Leigh Wander series

Our problems started when we deviated from the trail to grab Cache U Nutter’s Rice Bridge – The Sequel which was on top of a pill box…although I decided that it would be nice to have a look inside, which was all well and good until I banged my head on the ceiling on the way out and nearly knocked myself out. Not my most stylish of exits.

After a bit of a sit down I decided I was ok to carry on, but you can never be too careful with these things and a huge egg had developed on my head so we took it easy for a few miles…thankfully the rest of the walk carried on quite peacefully, through woodland, down long quiet roads and around some more stunning countryside, unless you count the incident at L30 Leigh Wander in which MrBizkitz got a little more than he bargained for when he opened the cache!

Rapeseed fields in Surrey

Looking through the rapeseed fields

We stumbled upon some really fantastic cache containers on this walk and that’s why I decided to write this blog post. So, our favourites on this lovely walk include the afore mentioned L30 which was all to do with the contents of the cache container, L7 Leigh Wander which again was to do with the cache but more to do with how you gain access to it, very tricky! We lost a fair bit of time looking for L13 Leigh Wander, such an imaginative hiding place! L33 Leigh Wander was another neat idea for a cache, and earlier in the day we’d bumped into ToxicPens who were doing the series in the opposite direction.

We stopped to have a quick chat, as we saw them with their GPS device out (and that can only mean one thing!) and they told us that there was a cache coming up that we might need a special implement for and they duly handed us something…on arrival however we found that we could reach the cache without the extra item but we were very glad to have had it with us just in case!

Trigpoint views across Surrey

Trigpoint views across Surrey

Overall we could have added favourite points for the whole series, they are well maintained, have good descriptions, are well hidden and are along a really nice route through the countryside with a nice Box Hill backdrop lining the top half of the circuit. What could be better?! 🙂

Happy caching!

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