Let’s ‘Gozo’ Geocaching!

*Somewhere for the weekend* ~ Gozo

In this week’s edition we’re off to Gozo, Malta’s beautiful sister island, noted for it’s mythological connections to Homer’s Odyssey and also, more recently, for being the location of some huge blockbuster films including; World War Z, Captain Phillips and Gladiator. So, let’s check out Gozo’s Geocaching scene. I think you’ll be surprised at what you could pack into a weekend away on this small Mediterranean island…

Malta Gozo Azure Window-001

“Malta: Gozo, Azure Window” © 2013 Berit Watkin.


One of the things I love about looking at the Geocaching map is that it gives you an indication of where a locations ‘hot spots’ are, and looking at Gozo there is obviously a lot of love for coastal caches, with four Earthcache’s dotted around the North, South and West sides of the island. But, I was also surprised to see, a Wherigo right in the middle at the island’s capital, Victoria. The cache page currently suggests that the Wherigo is unavailable although cacher’s have been finding it since this status so I think it’s safe to say it’s still out there. 🙂

Wherigo Gozo – GC1XBT3 by captain gore-tex

Difficulty 3 – Terrain 3

Cache Type: Wherigo

Location: Gozo, centre

Gozo's Geocaches

Gozo’s Geocaches


As for the Earthcache’s the standout one with 180 favourite points is Azure Window and it’s easy to see why from the photo at the top of the page. It’s definitely a photographer’s paradise. Check out some more photo’s of this amazing location on the cache page 🙂

Azure Window by Equipo Wacosta

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 2

Cache Type: Earthcache

Location: Gozo, West coast

Transport around the island is great, there’s plenty of sight-seeing buses if you’re just making a day trip over from Malta and, for something a little different, keep an eye out for these gorgeous retro buses if you’re heading out there too!


“Gozo” © 2001 Eric Hayward.

Traditional at The Citadel

Another cache which is a ‘must do‘ is The Citadel, located very close to the Wherigo, which is believed to have been fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC!

The Citadel by harrylime

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Traditional

Location: Gozo, centre

Gozo land-001

“Gozo” © 2011 Shadowgate.

But, that’s not the oldest structure on Gozo, for that you need to visit the Ggantija Temples in Xaghra. The name Ggantija comes from the Maltese word for giant and the temples are thought to be named after a race of giants who once lived there.

Random fact about the Ggantija temples…

Rightfully the temples have been awarded UNESCO world heritage status and the site holds two temples which date back as far as 3600 BC!

For this reason Gozo is home to THE oldest standing structures in the world, surpassing even the Egyptian pyramids!

Ggantija Temple-001

“Ggantija Temple” © 2009 larrylurex.

More highlights…

And if all of that wasn’t enough you could always go for a dip in the “Inland Sea” – a stunning little lagoon where the sea is washed into it through a high, but narrow, limestone archway. Or maybe you could even go diving…those beautiful clear blue Mediterranean waters are very tempting and Gozo does have some of the best diving spots in the Med! So what are you waiting for it’s time to go Gozo Geocaching! 😉

Malta Inland Sea-001

“Malta” © 2008 Andrea Puggioni

Have you had the chance to visit Gozo? Where would you recommend? Did you manage to find any of the Geocaches there? I’d love to hear from you if you did!

Until next week,

Happy caching everyone! 🙂


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