Geocaching near the Ice Hotel in Sweden…

*Somewhere for the weekend* ~ Ice Hotel, Sweden

For this week’s episode we’re heading off to the biggest Ice Hotel in the world, in Sweden…

Everything got even more festive during the Christmas break when it started snowing on Boxing Day…of course the next day all the family were out in the garden attempting to build an igloo because we fancied a challenge – and snowmen are so last year don’t you know 😉

As we were building it, I started thinking about how cool it would be to actually live in one. Not cool as in brrrr but cool as in I’d love to try it for a week to a) see how warm it would be inside, and b) whether I could handle it.

Those who know me know that I’ve spent quite a few years, 5 in total since 2007, attending the Snowbombing festival in Mayrhofen and for three of those years I had the pleasure of ‘partaking’ in the ‘arctic disco’ aka the igloo rave. It’s a pretty amazing experience and one that I’d highly recommend if you’re ever attending the festival, just imagine 200 party people drinking and dancing to world class DJ’s for a few hours before catching a gondola back down the mountain to your hotel room/the next party. A sure fire way to get you hooked on the beauty of igloos…at least it did for me anyway…

So, all of this got me thinking about taking a virtual trip North to Sweden’s Ice Hotel to see what the Geocaching scene was like and to maybe plan a Geocaching holiday up there for next year…read on to see what I found out…

"The Icehotel road sign, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden" CC 2006 Paul Mannix

“The Icehotel road sign, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden” CC 2006 Paul Mannix

Sweden’s Ice Hotel

The Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel is the largest ice hotel in the world, it covers 5,500 square metres and takes a year to construct before eventually melting away into the Torne River to be rebuilt again the following year.

Thousands of tonnes of ice is taken from the river during March and April and kept in cold storage throughout the spring and summer months ready to begin its transformation into the giant ice hotel in around October/November time.

Every year it’s slightly different due to the hundreds of artists and designers who get involved creating new elements over each stage of the process. By its completion in early winter it becomes a completely unique structure making it a truly amazing experience for the 50,000 visitors who visit it each year.

It’s got it’s own Ice Bar, but I imagine if you’re drinking in there you’ll want to warm up not cool down so try the Swedish mulled wine Glögg, sure to warm your cockles after a days geocaching in this isolated wonderland….or for something completely different…

You can even get married at the Ice Hotel! There’s a beautiful Church which gets added on to the main igloo every year and several weddings have now taken place there. Talk about a unique venue for your big day!

Ice Hotel Church @ Jukkasjärvi CC 2007 bjaglin

“Ice Hotel Church @ Jukkasjärvi” CC 2007 bjaglin

After you’ve been dazzled by all of the wondrous things that the Ice Hotel has to offer you’ll be tempted to get yourself out of your icy cavern for a wander into the wintery wilderness outside so let’s see what Geocaches are on offer in the area…

The Geocaches…

PÃ¥lles Pina – GC1DTQM by Tutte

Difficulty 1 – Terrain 1

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Jukkasjärvi Community Centre

This geocache is the closest to where the ice hotel gets built every year – don’t forget to visit the museum whilst you’re there too. 🙂

“Majbäckaren” – GC5CP8A by TRAC ICEHOTEL

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 2

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Norrbotten, Sweden

The perfect cache if you enjoy cross-country skiing, still accessible without – but much easier with 😉

Prinsessan Tuvstarr – GC5CP7P by TRAC ICEHOTEL

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 4

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Norrbotten, Sweden

With great views of Jukkasjärvis (the lake) you may be able to see the ice hotel from this cache – if you’re there at the right time of year of course!

"Ice Hotel Parachuting" CC 2007 Chris Geatch

“Ice Hotel Parachuting” CC 2007 Chris Geatch


Difficulty 2 – Terrain 5

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Norrbotten, Sweden 

And now for something completely different…

If you’re crazy, and up for it, swim over to this one – or for the more sensible amongst us you can get to the cache by boat/canoe/kayak, or some other floating vessel. So far there’s only been one successful group who braved the journey in kayaks making them joint FTF’s (first to finders). Check out the photo’s on the cache page for this one!

Aim for the Sky – GC5CQY1 by TRAC ICEHOTEL

Difficulty 3 – Terrain 5

Cache Type: Traditional

Cache Location: Norrbotten, Sweden 

If you’ve got a bit of a head for heights and you want to venture away from the ice hotel then you can always pop off to find this one. Again the photo’s on the cache page will give you a good idea of what you’ll need to scale to be victorious on this cache find. Not recommended if you get vertigo that’s for sure!

"Ice Hotel Suit @ Jukkasjärvi" CC 2007 bjaglin

“Ice Hotel Suit @ Jukkasjärvi” CC 2007 bjaglin

Before I close I’d just like to say I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I hope you’re sticking to your resolutions, I’ll let you know a few of our Geocaching ones soon. 🙂

Get in touch if you’ve ever visited the Ice Hotel in Sweden, I’d love to hear what you think of it, especially if you’ve found any of the Geocaches nearby! 

Until next time, happy caching!


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