Setting sail for foreign shores…

Heading to foreign lands…

Our Mr Frogglesworth TB's progress!

Our Mr Frogglesworth TB’s progress!

Every Travel Bug (TB) has a goal or an objective, it could be to travel from cache to cache, to visit a specific place in the world or, in the case of Weehawk, he dreamed of going to the Super Bowl, a goal which he actually achieved!

The goal for one of my TB’s, Mr Frogglesworth, is to hop across ‘the big pond’, and by divine intervention he’s recently been picked up by some fellow Geocacher’s who are about to embark on what sounds like the adventure of a lifetime to….yup, you guessed it, America!

This is truly a story of good fortune as the chances of a TB being picked up by someone who is going in the right direction are slim. Sometimes it can take years for a TB to make any progress at all. Some simply get lost or found by people who don’t know what they are and for whatever reason their journey comes to an abrupt halt. I’ve talked about the possibility of TB’s being rescued in an earlier post¬†but in many cases the TB has simply disappeared never to resurface again. So it was really nice when I received an email letting me know that my TB was in safe hands and was about to achieve its main objective!

What I really love about this happy coincidence is that the family who have picked up my TB are about to do something truly amazing, as a family of five they are about to set off around the world, for just over a year, to immerse themselves in different cultures and communities learning all kinds of new trades and skills in the process. True ‘MzAdventurer’s’ for sure, to find out more about their journey and to wish them luck, check out their blog ‘Adventures of Muma Dean‘.

*Update 06/03/14* Well, as you might have noticed from the picture of Mr Frogglesworth’s progress, he did indeed make the leap over the big pond, landing in West Virginia in a cache called ‘gunshow’s north fork fishin spot‘. He’s since been spotted hopping around in Pennsylvania…wonder where he’ll end up next?!

Has one of your Trackable’s ever completed its mission? For more details on all of our Trackable’s head over to the TB’s and Geocoin’s post!

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