School Day’s Puzzle series in Surrey…

A tricky Geocaching puzzle series in Surrey…


We enjoy a good puzzle cache as much as the next geocacher, and on a dash for a nearby FTF in Surrey we found a cacher up a tree and another one cheering him on from the ground. Of course this meant that we’d been pipped to the post but it also meant that we could stop and have a chinwag with a couple of local Geocacher’s! πŸ™‚

What made me smile was that the first two cacher’s hadn’t even arrived together which meant that all four of us (MrBizkitz was with me) had been out for the FTF! The winner had been a cacher with plenty of unusual caches under his belt and the one up the tree was a prolific local puzzle setter and so the conversation that followed definitely made up for missing out on the FTF!

The thing I love about cacher’s is that we’re all so blooming enthusiastic when it comes to great caches, and so we all must have spent a good half an hour discussing some of the best local caches. At that point we were nowhere near the Geocaching standards of the other two and so we were told tales of gruelling climbs and fiendish puzzles and we picked the brains of the puzzle setter about a nearby one which had been giving us a lot of grief. Luckily he’d solved it and gave us the push we needed to get us going in the right direction. πŸ™‚

We had a great time chatting, and as we were leaving, Andy – ‘the puzzle setter’ mentioned his School Days Puzzle series a bit further south of us, in Surrey. I’d had a quick look at them when I’d first started Geocaching but put them to one side, also known as – ‘the what the hell do I do here?!’ pile. He said that there were some coded hints to the rest of the series in his puzzle Agent Down!Β and so as soon as we got home we had a look at it…

Well, we certainly made a meal of cracking the puzzle despite realising what the theme was quite early on. Once we started it though we really got into it, with many layers, and different codes to crack, the puzzle (despite its low difficulty rating) was fairly tricky (for us anyway!), but we were definitely hooked and there was no way we were giving up until we had that green light on the Geochecker!

The solve, when it eventually came was extremely satisfying, and so too the find. However the whole reason that we’d embarked on the journey through Agent Down!Β was for the coded hints for the remainder of the puzzle series…which are unfortunately in a code that we are yet to break!! Ironic eh?! Hehe πŸ™‚

Agent Down! Geocache

Agent Down! Geocache

School Days Puzzles…

Well we’ve managed to solve one of the puzzles, Child’s Play 1,Β after I spotted something which didn’t look quite right. I then tried to relate the solution to the coded hints but I still haven’t been able to. I know that one day it’ll all eventually click into place but for now it still hasn’t! Doh! πŸ™

So, the puzzles are good, too good for us at the moment but I thought I should highlight this series for anyone else that fancies a bit of a challenge! πŸ™‚

And if you fancy gloating on how easy these puzzles are then feel free to leave me a comment below…maybe you’ll spur me on to get them solved! πŸ˜‰

School Days Puzzles #1: Child’s Play

School Days Puzzles #2: Form Practise

School Days Puzzles #3: A, B, C, D.

School Days Puzzles #4: Must Try Harder

School Days Puzzles #5: William V

School Days Puzzles #6: School Code

School Days Puzzles #7: Division

School Days Puzzles #8: Class Photos

School Days Puzzles #9: Spelling

School Days Puzzles #10: 1,2,3

School Days Puzzles #11: Hidden Talents

School Days Puzzles #12: Elementary Algebra

Good luck with the series gang, I’ve heard that ‘Division’ is meant to be the hardest…!

Happy caching! πŸ™‚

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