Sadexploration’s FIG series!

Highlighting Sadexploration’s FIG series around Gatton Park in Surrey.


A swan at Gatton Park, Merstham, Surrey

“A swan at Gatton Park, Merstham, Surrey” © 2010 Berit Watkin.

I was recently reminded of a great series of Geocaches in Surrey by GeoPaul at his Geocaching meet and greet. We found these caches back in 2012 when we first started Geocaching and truth be told they’ve been on my ‘write ups to-do-list’ for quite some time and I’ve got absolutely no excuses for having missed this series out…

Soooo, I’d like to introduce you all to Sadexploration’s FIG series, located just South of the M25 in Merstham, Surrey.

FIG series

FIG series by Sadexploration

Local Surrey cacher’s always tend to bring this series up when asked about their favourite caches and it’s easy to see why once you’ve had a go at them. 🙂

The hides are ingenious and, I think, possibly one of the reasons that we got so hooked into Geocaching in the first place!

You might notice, on the picture above, that we didn’t find one of the multicaches in the series! Poor show I know! The main reason for this error on our part was down to the fact that we were so new to Geocaching and hadn’t really got the idea of route planning which meant that we ended up taking a rather unorthodox approach to one of the caches and therefore completely missed number 5 out altogether! What a pair of silly old fools!

Thinking about it we really need to get back over there, Gatton Park is a fantastic place; stunning views, some gentle hill climbs, woods, farmland a Japanese garden and, of course, this awesome series of Geocaches!

Gatton Park

Gatton Park

The caches are placed in a circular walk and numbered 1-11 with a bonus at the end, Steve’s Lunchbox is also worth checking out if you’re doing the route 🙂

Spoiler alerts!

I really can’t spoil the fun for anyone (except for the photos below!), so all I’ll say is please go and take a look at them and if you’ve got Geokid’s then they are sure to love this series!



One of the FIG series

One from the FIG series!

FIG stands for Fun in Gatton which is definitely an appropriate acronym for such a great series! Let me know if you managed to crack all of the puzzles on this series!

Thanks Sadexploration for placing and maintaining a great series!

Happy caching! 🙂

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