Reasons I love Geocaching!

Some of the things I love about Geocaching…


I was initially going to list all of the reasons I enjoy Geocaching but then I thought it deserved a bit more of a dedicated post…

I’ve mentioned in the ‘About me’ section why I returned to Geocaching after a long break and how it helped me to deal with the passing of my Father. What I hadn’t really realised until I decided to start this blog is that it’s completely changed my whole outlook on life. Maybe I’m sounding a bit too philosophical? Let me explain.

For a good few months I was pretty much housebound. I didn’t want to go out at all, most days I didn’t even get out of bed. It was tough, but there’s no need to get any violins out (my Dad didn’t like violins!) because everything is on the up and it’s all thanks to Geocaching.

The advice you’re given when you go through any kind of depression, amongst other things, is that you need to get out of the house. Go for a walk. Get some exercise. Which is great advice, but if you feel like you can’t face the outside world then it’s almost impossible to adhere to. It’s a very vicious circle and one that’s very hard to break.

I was very lucky in that I had someone to help me through the really dark days who encouraged me, without pushing me, to take it one day at a time.

Geocaching cropped up in a conversation with my partner in crime, MrBizkitz, and intrigued he said he wanted to know more so I headed to the Geocaching website, set up a free account, and searched the area for local caches.

We settled on Dorking in Surrey for our first adventure. I downloaded the c:geo app onto my phone and after a few minutes managed to get my head around the technology just enough to add some caches onto my phone. We were ready.

Lots of smiley's now since our first cache!

Lots of smiley’s now since our first cache!

Having been out of the loop it took me a while to get the hang of the technology ‘out in the field’ again but soon I had the compass pointing in the right direction and the metres were dropping fast as we made our way to a beautiful, old oak tree, after a quick search the cache, ‘The Veteran Cache‘, was located. Inside someone had left some bubbles which we played with for a while, our inner childhood’s released again, we signed the logbook replaced the cache and I felt my spirits lift slightly.

So I’d done what the Doctor ordered and it had been, well…just what the Doctor ordered. The exercise box ticked I had also renewed my enjoyment of the outdoors!

What Geocaching has given me…

Over the course of the year that followed Geocaching has helped me…

Get back into social media…why keep something this good to yourself?

Learn new technology…this is my first blog, hope you like it 🙂

Learn more about the area I live in (Surrey)…I’ve renewed my library membership too which has helped me with some extra revision on those tricky ‘unknown caches’, and the amount I now know about random local tidbits is great!

See some beautiful architecture…Geocacher’s know all the good places!

Start meeting people again…flashmob’s are a great way to meet local Geocacher’s in your area.

Released my inner Indiana Jones…come on who never wanted to go on a Goonies style adventure?!

Increased my patience level…those pesky nano’s can be impossible sometimes! (There are limit’s!!)

Improved my memory…I try to remember every cache I’ve found that day so when I come to write up the log on the website I can give a detailed and accurate description for the next Geocacher.

I would say it’s improved my fitness levels…but I think that’s something I’m still working on!

Advanced my tree climbing skills…there are some excellent caches that require a bit of a head for heights around here 🙂

This is just a few things, there is so much more I have to learn about Geocaching and so many more places I want to visit…so until then I’ll keep logging and blogging and keep you updated on how I’m getting on 🙂

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