Personal challenges…Mega multi month!

Our mega multi month challenge…


It’s November 1st! Where did the year go? I think I saw a glimpse of it back in February and then zip….here we all are?!

So, as life swims gracefully by without making a sound, the end of the year rears it’s head and those dark nights draw in I thought why don’t I set myself a little caching challenge to keep me entertained.

With a lot of unclaimed multi-caches around here I thought that I should dedicate a month to finding them. So for the whole of November I’m only going to find multi-caches. However, I won’t be sticking to my mini challenge as rigidly as I did to claim the souvenirs for the 31 days of caching challenge as I’m not really one for caching streaks but I’m going to attempt to claim at least 20 this month….if you know any good ones in Surrey then let me know and I’ll add them to my list!

Happy caching people! 😀

Mega Multi Month challenge

Mega Multi Month challenge

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