Parmstro’s wonderful guide to solving simple puzzles…

Helpful advice on solving simple puzzles…


We’ve been itching to get back over to Box Hill for a while, its definitely a Geocacher’s playground up there, if you can get past all of the determined cyclists that is! 🙂 We’ve already done quite a few of the Geocaching routes around there and thankfully we’ve still got plenty more to do. With great views, challenging terrain and a multitude of cache types there’s definitely something for everyone up there.

View from Box Hill

Trigpoint at Box Hill

Today it was packed with people enjoying the sunshine that the Easter weekend had brought, and we joined them on the winding pathways but, instead of the majority of the throng who were hunting for Easter eggs, we were on the hunt for a series of geocaches set by Parmstro. 🙂

Through the trees at Box Hill

Views from Box Hill

I remember having a look at the series a while back, and at the time we hadn’t been as keen on puzzles as we are now and so it had been put to the back of my mind. Recently though we’ve been hitting a puzzling brick wall on some of our local caches and decided that we needed to change tack and get some help from the masters.

The series we were on the hunt for today were entitled AGTSSP or ‘a guide to solving simple puzzles‘ with solutions provided for by the CO, should you need them. Which we did!

If you’re keen on understanding the mythical world of puzzle caches then Parmstro’s webpage is definitely worth a look, even if you’re not in the area to go and find the caches on this series you will almost certainly learn something which may come in helpful further down the line.

Ashamedly we didn’t even crack any of the puzzles despite having a go at each of them, but by looking at the solution we were able to get a grasp on what we should’ve been looking out for and so, hopefully, it’s added some knowledge to our Geocaching toolkit. 🙂

The circular walk took us around three hours in total and led us through beautiful bluebell flooded woodlands and up and down some fairly tricky terrain. The caches were well disguised and sometimes so well hidden that we almost gave up on a couple of them but we did manage to find them all adding some more smiley faces to our map. 🙂

A bunch of bluebells on Box Hill

Beautiful bluebells on Box Hill

We’d recommend this series to anyone thinking of visiting the area and even if you can’t make it then you’ll definitely find some interesting nuggets of information on that website I mentioned earlier.

Happy hunting! 🙂

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