One lil TB on a big adventure to the ’14 Super Bowl XLVIII!

To the Super Bowl XLVIII…


It’s always great to see Geocaching on the news, and today I saw a tweet from Geocaching HQ¬†with a link to a video about a Trackable…and it reminded me of the dedication, spirit and power of the Geocaching community.

Weehawk‘, the little TB with big dreams, was left in a cache in Washington on the 17th August 2013, a few weeks before the NFL season kicked off, with hopes of attending the Super Bowl XLVIII, on the 2nd February 2014, in New York. Washington to New York sounds like a simple trip but Weehawk hasn’t taken the easy road there…!

Weehawk map

Weehawk’s journey!

With stop offs in Hawaii and Bali this little TB has certainly been having a big adventure but he’s finally reached New York and is awaiting the next, and maybe final leg of his journey…

Seahawk TB

Can you help get this TB to the Super Bowl?!

So, with 26021.2 miles under his belt and only a few days left to find someone who can take him to the Super Bowl who’s going to step up to the challenge?! Will you be the one to help him on his way?!

Good luck Weehawk, we’re rooting for you to make it – because when we ‘discovered you’ we reached a Geocaching milestone of logging 100 TB’s! Safe onward travels and we hope to see some photos of you at the big game!

*Update 02/11/14* Well, Weehawk did make it to the game! Can you believe it? Check out his full adventure on his Trackable page, it’s sure to inspire you to send off a TB of your own!

Congratulations to everyone in the Geocaching community who helped Weehawk on his way, it certainly makes me proud to be a cacher!

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