My ‘lucky day’ in Tenby?

A match at Manorbier…

After deciding we wanted to go to Tenby and Saundersfoot for the day we ended up in Manorbier…funny how the mind wanders like that once you’re on the road. Anyway, it turns out that Manorbier was an excellent spot for skimming stones. The whole beach was full of the perfect ‘skimmers’ and even my Mum got involved…and trust me that’s a rare sight! 🙂 We had a bit of a contest between us. The guys turned out to be the best with a record of 10 bounces, but me and Mum gave them a bit of a run for their money with 8!

Skimming stones at Manorbier

Skimming stone contest at Manorbier

Trouble in Tenby…

Tenby was easily one of the busiest places we visited during our time in Pembrokeshire and it was easy to see why. With beautiful beaches and great shops it’s the perfect place to while away an afternoon, and in early June the temperature was mild – but warm in the sunshine – perfect if you wanted to sit out on a nice quiet beach all day. Just don’t forget your windbreaker!

Tenby's South Beach

Tenby’s South Beach

Our morning in Tenby started off with a DNF (Did not find) at Life’s a Beach! #3 before we got back into the game with Talking Telescope which had a lovely view over to St Catherine’s Island – it was the perfect cache to tie your shoelaces at, if you catch my drift. 😉

A cache with a view...

A cache with a view…

As we’re all National Trust Members – I highly recommend joining, it’s well worth the money – we decided to check out the Tudor Merchant’s House which, although very small, is packed with fun things to do, especially if you’re accompanied by children. I’m a big kid now and don’t mind making an idiot of myself so I played on the majority of the old ‘Tudor games’ that were available…even my Mum got involved and rapidly mastered the cup and ball!

Mum demonstrating her skills!

Mum demonstrating her skills!

It’s £4 for adults and £2 for children and I’d definitely suggest popping in if you’ve got younger children who would be up for playing on the games. You probably won’t be in there for more than an hour though as it’s a very small building.

Tudor Merchant's House

Tudor Merchant’s House

Our last stop in Tenby was to check out the ‘famous’ view across the bay, which I have to admit was very pretty with all the painted houses. Why don’t more places do that? I always think it adds a bit of character to a place.

Tenby Harbour view

Tenby Harbour view

It must have been my lucky day because a seagull decided that I would be a good place to land a nice stream of poop on, some of which ended up on my jacket. Thankfully he wasn’t that great a shot and the majority of it missed me…but be warned those gulls are out to get you! 😉

Directly after that incident I went and put the lotto on but sadly it wasn’t to be! There goes that theory!


Not wanting to stick around to find out whether anymore of them had it in for us, we drove on to Saundersfoot, which wasn’t quite what we were expecting. It was more of a typical seaside resort than the bustling hub Tenby had been. With less shops and more arcades, it was actually a bit more up my street as I’m not really much of a shopaholic! We all enjoyed walking along the beach because it was full of jellyfish which we were fascinated by – having not seen them up close before.

Jellyfish overhead

Jellyfish overhead

I later found out that the slang term for a jellyfish in Welsh is ‘Pysgod wibbly-wobbly‘, how cool is that?!

After our long inspection of the jellyfish we made our way up to the cache Cyclists Dismount – my Mum and bro particularly enjoyed the unnecessary but fun route we took to this cache…

Mum and bro scrambling up

Mum and bro scrambling up

At the top of the little climb we soon spotted and signed the cache, but next to it was a spooky tunnel which we decided to explore further…

Into the darkness...

Into the darkness…

I found out it had once been used as a narrow gauge railway tunnel to carry coal from the local mines to Saundersfoot and it led through to an area known as Wiseman’s Bridge – which sounds like something out of a horror movie!

Inside the tunnel at Saundersfoot

Inside the tunnel at Saundersfoot

After a brief look around on the other side of the tunnel we turned back and headed towards Muggle Mayhem which, despite its name we found without any distractions. 🙂

We popped in a few shops before we left and I bought some beautiful retro-style railway postcards of Pembrokeshire which are now hanging proudly on the wall at home 🙂


Conundrums and night time adventures…


Prior to setting off for the holiday I’d had a sneaky look at the puzzle caches in the area and there were two in particular that caught my eye. Firstly It’s All Greek To Me, which I solved but we didn’t have time to collect, and also The Pub Conundrum. which I really enjoyed figuring out. I’ll confess it took me about an hour but it was very satisfying when everything fell into place!

It’s one of those puzzles where you have five pubs, each pub has a different name, plays it’s own pub-style game, serves a different meal, and a different drink, and has a resident pet. Then you have to get everything into the correct pub to find the solution.

Patience and a bit of trial and error is the key for that one. The cache itself was in a fairly unusual location and took a while to locate despite the coords being very good…let’s just say the hint item was very long… 🙂

After a meal back at the cottage we headed out to attempt a couple of night caches, the first of which was Twinkle Twinkle Little Cache which was a lot more straightforward than we were hoping it was going to be…but it was a nice introduction to the type of markers we need to look out for on future night cache expeditions!

UV light guides the way...

UV light guides the way…

Unfortunately, on driving on to our second night cache of the evening, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, our plans were thwarted by a number of youths sat in cars – who we deduced weren’t geocachers, and, not wanting to draw unwanted attention to the cache or ourselves, we decided it was best to leave it for another time and so with heavy hearts we headed back to the cottage. 🙁 Sad times indeed.

Stay tuned for more ‘mzadventures’ on our coastal drive around Pembrokeshire in part three featuring Cardigan, Poppit Sands and St David’s Cathedral

Happy caching! 🙂

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