Kent Mega Event 2014!

Kent Mega…


We’re all booked up and ready for our first ever Mega Event!!
The event, to be held on the weekend of the 2nd May 2014 will have its base at Hop Farm in Kent UK, home of the very successful music festival of the same name, and looks set to make the perfect venue for a Geocaching meet with over 700 confirmed attendees at the time of writing!

I’m really looking forward to going not only because it will be my first Mega Event but it’s also providing the perfect opportunity for a catch up with my Aunts and Uncles, Ginger007 and Baggypaws, who know a lot more about Geocaching than I do and will hopefully be able to guide us in the right direction with how to tackle the 11 icon in a day challenge which we’re hoping to grab! Mega Events are a great way to meet like-minded people and I’m looking forward to hearing about people’s Geocaching escapades and sharing our stories too. There’s going to be so much to do at the event and it’s already getting booked up quickly so if you’re interested in coming down then check out the Kent Mega Geocaching page for more details about what’s going to be there.

Hopefully see you there!

Happy caching!

Come Geocaching in Kent - 'The Garden of England'

“Autumn Colours, Kent 2” © 2010 Suvodeb Banerjee.

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