How to survive a Horror Hike…

Creepy cache on the Horror Hike

Creepy cache container…

Geocaching on Halloween…

Well this was definitely a ‘MzAdventure’ mainly due to my forgetfulness (those who know me well will probably agree that there isn’t much between the ears)…

Our mzadventure began as soon as we arrived at the Horror Hike in Horsham when MrBizkitz asked if I’d packed a pen….eeeeek came my reply as I realised I’d swapped bags before coming out to allow extra room for head torches…

We frantically checked the bag and then the car before realising that indeed there was no pen or pencil and so the only thing for it was to hope that we might get lucky at some point and find some writing equipment in one of the caches on the route.

There was a little bit of off road parking right next to the first cache on the trail and so it wasn’t too long before we’d found and photographed the first logbook which was a temporary solution to our predicament.

An old creepy shack greeted us as we made our way to the second cache on the trail…

Abandoned out house

Abandoned out house

We peered inside and it was all a bit Blair Witch Project so we quickly scuttled off to find the next cache.

Walking along the trail our senses heightened at the smallest noises and we managed to scatter a few owls along the way which helped to add to the spooky atmosphere.

Each cache had been superbly crafted to add to the ‘horror’ aspect of the walk and we encountered various ghouls and beasties in the caches which we imagine Geokids would love!

At the fourth cache I found a pencil but the joy was short-lived as it needed to be sharpened and so we left it in the cache hoping that we’d find another soon!

Close but no sharpener!

Close but no sharpener!

Thankfully, in the next cache we finally found a pencil, it wasn’t brilliant but it did the job for the remainder of the series.

There were a few parts of the walk where we lost the trail and found ourselves next to some odd items attached to trees which again was a little bit too Blair Witch Project for our liking!

By the 7th cache my phone battery was dying, however MrBizkitz was on hand with his and we battled on hoping that we’d make it to the end of the walk in one piece….

Passing the lakes we saw a few glowing lights hovering over the lake, I had a slight advantage as I’ve been night fishing and instantly recognised the sound of a few bite alarms going off otherwise the combination of the spooky lights and the buzzing could have been seen as some kind of alien invasion!

On reaching the end of the lakes the path wound round back into the woods, past ghoulish glowing balloons and up an extremely muddy footpath where I nearly came a cropper.

The last few caches were difficult to find, well covered and our GPS decided it wanted to play a different game to the one we were playing but we did eventually find all the remaining caches and make it back to the car.

With low batteries and heavy hearts we decided to call it a night at that point and headed home caked in mud. It was a shame we didn’t get round to the Spooky Woods night cache but it’s something to look forward to when we’re a bit more prepared!

Hope you all had a good Halloween whatever you got up to 🙂 Send us your spooky stories or hints for good night caches in the Surrey area!

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