Help to get you and your Geokid’s into codebreaking…

Codebreaking tips for your Geokids…


I found this great little game/challenge the other day through the Science Museum website called the Codebreaker Challenge, simply register with a username and email address to get started and then the site will provide you with interesting challenges that all relate to the wonderful codebreaker Alan Turing. Click here for a short biography about Turing.

A photo taken from Flickr of Alan Turing.

“Alan Turing” © 2009 Richard Gillin.

Each level of the game has different types of puzzles from nice easy wordsearches to the more tricky ciphers, it’s something that I imagine would be great for someone starting out on puzzle (unknown) geocaches as there are a lot of similarities to puzzles that I’ve worked on in the past in there. I even found some of the codes very difficult to break so I’d go as far to say it’s definitely not just one for the Geokid’s!

Codebreaker challenge

An example of one of the puzzles

Have a go and let me know how you get on! 🙂

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