Happy New Year everyone!

Happy 2014 everyone!


Hope you’re all well on your way to being fully recovered after last night’s ‘mzadventures’, I trust you all had a great time?!

Well, what a year it’s been for us in Geocaching terms…

We’ve completed quite a few challenges, managed to bag around 1,000 caches – bringing our total for the end of the year to 1,406, reached ‘Vicar’ status for Church Micro’s and claimed our first 5/5 cache. We’ve been really happy with our achievements over the past year and we’ve definitely still got the bug so onwards we go into 2014 with big smiles on our faces and a lot more smiley’s on our map!

Seeing as it’s new year I should have probably set some resolutions right?

Ok, well here are our four major aims for this year…

  1. Attend our first Mega Event!
  2. Find 100 geocaches in a day. (We’ve earmarked a trail for this to do when the weather is better so watch this space!)
  3. Complete our D/T grid. (Think we might have to do some climbing lessons for this one though…or buy an inflatable dinghy!)
  4. Set our first Geocache. (One of my presents this year was a caching container!)

But there are also lots of little challenges that we’d like to complete, and there are some that we need to go and find the final caches for, like the big one we just finished, the ‘CM 50k Challenge‘ (you can read about the trials and tribulations of that one here Church Micro 50k Challenge!). And the 1000 in a year and something else challenge as soon as we’ve met the final requirement! Both of which we’re looking forward to claiming 🙂

So, thanks for sticking with me over the past couple of months as I’ve crawled my way slowly into the blogging world. I’ve had quite a bit to get my head around but I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of it and there’s a lot of things I want to try out so expect more posts and tales of mzadventure from us as soon as we recover from NYE!

Hope you all had a great time bringing in the NY and have a very cache rich 2014!

Look forward to seeing you out there 🙂

All the best!

Happy New Year everyone!

“Happy New Year 2014?” © 2014 Jens Rost.

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