Halloween Horror Hike night cache…

Who doesn’t love Halloween?!! Especially the little Geokids!

I was lucky as a kid to live in a very safe area where I could go trick or treating with my mates without worrying. We knew everyone in our neighbourhood and they all enjoyed seeing us in our ridiculous costumes, I seem to remember being a giant pumpkin one year…I’ll have to try and find a photo for you all to laugh at at some point! And so with the little rhyme, ‘Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something nice to eat!’ we’d head around the houses doing our best to frighten and amuse the neighbours until we returned after a brilliant evening to munch on our sweets and count our pennies.

As I got older Halloween meant spooky sleepovers watching horror movies that were way above the age range for a group of teeny bopping gals. They were usually stolen from older siblings, or parents collections, and hidden within innocent video boxes so that our parents had no idea that we were actually about to watch IT or The Shining or Scream instead of Disney’s Robin Hood or some other harmless classic movie. Look at me saying videos….wow, now that is old school!

Later Halloween meant illicit house parties, much more revealing fancy dress costumes and naughty nights of mischief and magic out on the town, exactly how it should be! Roll on Halloween today and I’m much more at home with carving a pumpkin and picking out a spooky night cache to try and scare myself witless.

This year I’m roping MrBizkitz into the nonsense and we’ve picked out the Horror Hike near Horsham. We’re considering doing it in fancy dress too…if only I could find that giant pumpkin costume…. It’s not a ‘night cache’ but a series of 13 caches which take you past derelict buildings and the like, should be a laugh eh? On the way home we’re thinking of picking up a proper ‘night cache’ called Spooky Woods up in West Horsley…that’s if we survive the Horror Hike! So I guess I’m just wishing you all a happy Halloween, stay safe out there and if you fancy joining us drop us a line….see you on the other side…maybe??

Haunted Woods

“Haunted Woods” © 2007 Nick Perla

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