Going Geocaching in the Cotswolds…

Caching capers in the Cotswolds…


We’ve been having a bit of a break from Geocaching lately, not through choice but, I’ve been trying to fit studying in around work and MrBizkitz has also been working a lot of hours in the van so we’ve just not had the same opportunities for exploring that we normally do. So, when our friends from overseas announced that they were making a trip over the big pond to come and stay in the Cotswolds – and would we like to join them, of course we, MrBizkitz and I + my Mum and Bro, all said yes! And even if there wasn’t much time for Geocaching it was a great chance for us both to take a weekend off to enjoy the countryside and see our friends! 🙂

My Mum and Bro decided to make a longer trip of it and visited some of our relatives in Suffolk before making their way over to Surrey to stay with us for a couple of days before we all headed over to Great Rissington in the Cotswolds to meet up with (my honorary Uncle) Randy and his mom Pat.

Last year Randy’s brother Steve, and his wife Penny, came over to stay at my Mum’s too and during their stay we’d explained what Geocaching was to them. They were keen to find out more and have since gone on to find a few caches over in California…which meant that Randy and Pat were both intrigued by the idea too. However as our main aim for the trip wasn’t Geocaching I looked around for an easy one that we could all get to during our stay, I also had to pick a wheelchair friendly cache as Pat is a little less mobile, although she is still keen to get out of the wheelchair whenever possible, but being 90 I think you’ve kind of earned the right to take things at a more leisurely pace!

Guiting Power Fête

Pat was keen to visit a village fête during her stay and what could be better than spending an afternoon in a beautiful setting with friends? We were all in agreement that it was a great idea and I managed to find one that was taking place in a village just up the road from us on the Saturday, in a place called Guiting Power. Perfect.

Rocking up to Guiting Power it wasn’t long before we’d settled into an afternoon of splat the rat, skittles and knocking coconuts from their perches…although it turns out the person who was claiming to have the worst throw, my Mum, was the only one of us who managed to win one so kudos to her!

Later in the afternoon we were treated to the dog show which was great fun, prizes were awarded for a variety of events and I think our favourite was for the ‘fastest sausage eater’…although the ‘fancy dress contest’ went down a storm too!

Church Micro at Guiting Power

As the event was coming to a close I opened up the c:geo app on my phone and scanned the area for the geocache I’d uploaded earlier. From where we were sitting watching the dog show it was only 70m away across the field, perfect for a quick cache and dash, and happily, reachable by wheelchair. Scooting our way over the grass we found our way to Church Micro 3187…Guiting Power a lovely little spot with a great view.

I gave the gang the clue from the cache page and everyone had a look around the obvious places, it wasn’t long before we found the cache nestled away in a great hiding place and signed the log, I let Uncle Randy sign for me so he could get the hang of it for any of his future Geocaching adventures! 🙂

I’ve highlighted this particular cache from the weekend as it was one that we all took part in. The location was great, the cache was in fairly good nick and for that reason it highlighted all of the best elements of Geocaching to someone who’s new to the game.

Geocaching in the Cotswolds

The gang at the cache!

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens

We also had a day out at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens which was really nice 🙂 There was a lot to see and it was very wheelchair friendly which was a bonus. I think we were all dotty over the little penguins, but the otters were a highlight too. They were very playful, chasing after each other in their huge enclosure. The weather was perfect that day and we took the little train around the park which was a good laugh too. All in all it’s a very good day out, have a look at the Cotswold Wildlife Park website for more information.

Over the course of the weekend we also managed to find, Aragog’s Lair, which wasn’t as daunting as the D/T rating (D2.5/T4.5) or name would have us believe…although I’m sure in worse weather conditions it could prove to be a bit of a nightmare. However we were pleased to pick this one up as it ticked off another box on our D/T grid 🙂 Happy days!


We also nipped off to Bourton one morning, a very beautiful little chocolate box village with loads of things to do and see, where we picked up Beware Bourton Muggles! a D3.5/T1.5 hidden in a very apt place for a quintessentially British type of cache.

As we were staying in Great Rissington we thought it’d be rude not to pop off and find the nearby cache in Little Rissington called the Oldest Tradition in Little Rissington a nice, easy D1.5/T1.5 which my Mum quickly found with no problem.

On the Sunday before heading home we stopped off in Broadway for a lovely Sunday dinner at The Swan, which I can highly recommend. Getting the chance to have a little wander around the village before dinner I found Broadway History : The Body of Mrs Ward a D1.5/T1.5 next to a lovely looking Church and across the road from a stunning thatched cottage.

Sunday dinner at The Swan

Sunday dinner at The Swan

I found the last one of the holiday in Stratford-upon-Avon where my Mum and Bro were dropping me off so I could catch a train back to Surrey, it was called Stratford Trollied a D1.5/T1.5 located in Morrison’s car park which was thankfully closed. Using my ‘spidey senses’ I went straight to the cache for a very simple find which made a nice finish to a wonderful holiday! 🙂

I’ve got plenty of ideas for our next adventure in the Cotswolds though thanks to Cotswold Caching over on Twitter. I’d tapped them up for a little bit of information before I left for the break and they’d mentioned that there were plenty of great underground caches in the area which I’m very keen to have a look at. They also mentioned the Westcote Wander Series by Griff Grof and also pointed me in the direction of their Cotswold Caching website, which is full of useful information of where to go on your hunt in the Cotswolds…go check it out!

The gang at the cottage

The gang at the cottage

Happy caching! 

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