Getting the hang of solving Geocaching puzzles…slowly.

Our slow attempts at solving Geocaching puzzle caches…


Every now and then our focus shifts from power trails (playing the numbers game) to solving tricky puzzle caches (playing the D/T grid game), we’ll sit there, for days…sometimes weeks at a time attempting to get our heads around the hidden clues on a cache page, trying, in vain, to understand the CO’s MO.

There are a number of excellent puzzle setters in the Surrey area who we know upon seeing their name at the top of the cache page that we probably haven’t developed the right knowledge to attempt solving their puzzles, but on occasion we find ourselves figuring out someone’s MO and we become hooked. This has been the case for a couple of RichieCactus’s caches.

Obviously knowing their style doesn’t mean that we look at the cache page and instantly know what to do, in fact this never happens, but when we see his name at the top of the page we know that we’re in for a clever puzzle, usually with a few cheeky layers which make solving it that little bit harder. The intrigue and fun doesn’t stop once you’ve passed the Geochecker though, his hides are beautifully orchestrated which makes the trouble of solving them even more worth it!

Our most recent solve, and subsequent find, was one called ‘I’m parched ‘Arry‘ which had us going around in circles for a while but once we’d broken the initial stage we soon found the right direction to take it and eventually had the right coords 🙂

Proof of Geocaching find

Signing the log book…

Some very satisfying puzzles indeed, and definitely some that should have more solves! 🙂

Go check them out!

Happy hunting!


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