Geocaching the Southwell Trail…

Geocaching from Farnsfield to Southwell Minster…


As I’ve mentioned before my Mum is a keen walker, and my Bro is kinda getting into it…whether he wants to or not 😉 and so on a trip up to Mansfield in April to visit them, my Mum suggested we did some Geocaching near Southwell…ok there may have been a little bit of hint dropping from me to go caching, but she definitely suggested the Southwell part 😉

Looking at the map there was one route which looked interesting, it followed the Southwell Trail which was once a railway line running from Rolleston to Mansfield via Southwell. Completed in 1871 it was more frequently used for the transportation of coal rather than passengers as it was quite a slow service but with the modernisation of British Rail it eventually closed in 1968.

Since the 1970’s it has been known as the Southwell Trail and is now used by cyclists, ramblers and horse riders all of which we saw as we walked the trail back in April.

As the route was linear we opted to take two cars both driving to Southwell to begin with and parking up in the Leisure Centre Car Park before all hopping into my Mum’s car to be driven to the Farnsfield end of the trail. The walk was around 5 and a half miles so we thought it was better to take the two cars rather than making it into an 11 mile walk as it also meant that we’d have some time to look around Southwell after we finished. 🙂

Geocaching along the Southwell trail

Our route for the day

Parking up near Hop up the Bank we eventually found a little frog hiding very sneakily under a log, he allowed us to sign the logbook and we were on our way for the day. We headed North to pick up two more cleverly disguised caches (Antcam and Tree Climber) on the route set by Paneke before heading back to ‘Hop up the Bank’ to head in an Easterly direction for the rest of the caches.

Next up were Silver Birch TrunksHedgeHodge (which I really liked) and Treepath which were quick finds followed by Banger Seat which was our first DNF of the day, I think it was there – we just missed it somehow! Although be fair we struggled with most of the caches along the series as they were very well disguised which really added to the walk, I could easily have added favourite points to the whole lot as there was a lot of effort that had gone into them.

Woody was luckily found very quickly although if we hadn’t spotted it straight away I think we might’ve missed it! Blue Moon was found by MrBizkitz and we were soon on our way to Stone House View which had us all going round in circles. Next up was the minuscule but fun In the shade of the old oak tree, Brick Bridge was another tricky one before we hit another dead end with Iron Bridge although after a string of DNF’s subsequent to our visit the CO checked and this one had gone so it’s been replaced now! Always makes me feel better when I know that it was gone and that we hadn’t lost our marbles!

We had to award a favourite point at Basebank as it really was quite ingenious, the clue is in the title 😉 with a four star difficulty rating it’s easy to see why there are so many DNF’s on this one, my brother was the one who found it so he got the gold star for the day 🙂

Nottinghamshire countryside

“English Countryside Poppies” © 2012 Gavin White

Tor-Tee had us searching for quite a while as did Bentree which was followed by a nice easy but shocking one at Ratta2ee. Edward caches this way was great but we needed tweezers to extract the log. T.home, T.wistTTB, cute Barry and Ninemill were all found quickly which helped us to make up some lost time on our next one Evil Entrance. We looked and looked for this one but could we find the little blighter? Could we ‘eck as like. (Sorry had to get some Midlands slang in as these caches were in my neck of ‘ woods an’ all!) But seriously, I’d love to know where this cache was…if anyone fancies giving us some pointers drop me a line 🙂

Bitarb where the clue was in the name was a great find and sadly pjme was our last find on the series. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk though and there is a car park in the middle of the series so that you can attack it in two attempts or why not take your bikes and cycle it, the paths are ideal for it.

We were all keen to have a look around Southwell when we finished the walk and so we headed towards Southwell Minster picking up Church Micro 3018 Southwell Minster by northking as we were so close. 😉 It’s such a nice place to have a look around, it still has a village feel even though the population stands at around 7,000 and having a Minster means it should be a city but it’s still classed as a town. Confusing eh? Either way it’s a lovely spot to while away a few hours.

Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster

You can find out more about the Southwell Trail here and more about Southwell here. And if you’ve got any pointers on the Evil Entrance cache then please drop me a line 😉

I really recommend the walk, don’t be put off by it’s linear nature, parking in the middle is a good option and whichever way you decide to go you are sure to come across some great caches. It’s also perfect for geokids too as the hides are adventurous and will help to keep them entertained for a decent walk 😉

Happy caching!

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