Geocaching, sweets, golf and a leap of faith.

The leap of faith…


Parking up near Pine Ridge Golf course in Camberley we headed off early (for our standards) one Sunday morning to collect some caches on the affectionately named ‘Sweets Round’. I’m mentioning this particular series because it’s well looked after, with good sized caches and it makes a nice circular walk which I reckon would be perfect for geokids.

Our sweets round smiley's

Our sweets round smiley’s

The trail guides you around the edge of the whole golf course, where on occasion you can watch some of the tee shots if that’s your thing! I actually happen to like golf but I’m not usually a fan of caching near golf courses as I’m afraid I’ll be so caught up in what I’m doing that I’ll miss someone shouting fore and get hit! The chances of this happening on the sweets round are pretty minimal though and so for the majority of the morning I felt reasonably at ease…

However, the calm and peaceful feeling I’d grown accustomed to soon abated when we reached the back 9, as it were, of the Geocaches where the recent heavy downpours had taken their toll on some of the main pathways.

We won't be taking this route then?!

We won’t be taking this route then?!

To get to a few of the caches without waders we needed to make a new route for ourselves but even then there were huge puddles that looked a bit dubious. We’re not huge fans of bushwhacking but with a few gaps between the trees and bushes we didn’t have to do too much and so we ploughed on.

However, there came a point when to go back would’ve taken too long and to go forward involved a big jump over a wide stream that even Jonathan Edwards would’ve been proud of getting over, or so I thought at the time!

With a compass reading of around 10m to GZ and an arrow pointing directly over the stream there was only one thing for it. I called MrBizkitz over.

Along the route

Along the route

He smiled to himself as I pointed down to the compass on my phone and then pointed over the stream. Clearing a bit of the path he made a running jump and leapt over the stream like a gazelle, the back of his welly just scraping the waters edge. He turned round and grinned.

“It’s easy, come on” was the response to my “have you seen how short I am” face I was pulling. MrBizkitz is over 6 foot tall, whereas I’ve just about managed to reach the dizzying heights of 5’5, and the more I thought about it the further away the other side looked.

The knowledge that he was there to catch me was only slightly reassuring, but not wanting to look like a complete wuss and not wanting to turn back, I made the jump. Had MrBizkitz not been on the other side things wouldn’t have ended too well but, he was, and I was, and then guess what? We found the cache that had understandably had a few prior DNF’s on it! Happy days!

With a little bit of onward wading, and ducking and diving through the trees, we made our way towards the clubhouse picking up the last few ‘sweets’ along the round as we went.

It really was a nice walk and I guess all the mud and water was just par for the course, and after all it did make for another nice Geocaching mzadventure!

Happy caching! 🙂



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