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Links to Geocaching related websites, blogs and vlogs…

I thought it would be nice to dedicate a page to places where you can find great information about Geocaching. So, here are a few links to some of my favourite websites, blogs and vlogs!

Bernard and Yvonne’s Geocaching page
If you love Geocaching statistics then this is the place for you. Compiled by BaSHful and full of useful resources.

The official Geocaching page…need I say anymore?!

Full of well written articles on Geocaching with Geokids. Honest and funny, a great read.

GeoCass UK GeoCaching
I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been heavily influenced by this blog! It’s a great read.

HeadHardHat’s blogspot
For making me wish I could go Geocaching in America, for the wit and the wisdom.

A really great Youtube vlog from a local cacher with tips, hints and sneaky hides. Have a sneaky peak for yourself!

Parmstro’s Geocaching Puzzle Pages
Fancy trying your hand at some puzzle caches? Then check this site out first for some great advice and tips.

Peanuts or Pretzels
Stories from a couple of travel mad cacher’s. Going caching abroad? Check their blog out first!

Teletrac Navman
I would like to thank Cindy Powell and her Girl Scout Troup for this recommendation. It’s absolutely jam packed with great tips for people starting out in the Geocaching world. Many thanks to Cindy and the girls!

The Geocache Tourist
You’re a UK-based Geocacher and haven’t checked this site out? Where have you been?!

The Geocaching Vlogger
The name says it all really! A vlogger based in America, full of enthusiasm and plenty of information. Check it out!

UK Cache Mag
A great magazine for the UK Geocaching community. Full of articles with ideas on where to go for your next adventure.

Washknight – Geocaching Blind
An amazingly inspirational blog by Washknight, a blind Geocacher from Hertfordshire. You really need to check this one out!

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