Geocaching in Weybridge…

Weybridge smiley's

Weybridge smiley’s

A day’s Geocaching in Weybridge…


It’s been a busy time for Team Bizkitz over the Christmas period. We had my Mum and Bro staying at ours for a couple of days just before Xmas and then we headed up to Mansfield to spend a few days there too….lots of caching, chatting and eating took place and a good time was had by all. But, truth be told, it’s been nice to get back to a normal eating routine as I feel as though I’ve been grazing more feverishly than a hungry herd of sheep recently…not good for the waistline!

I digress…

One of the days my Mum and Bro were up we decided to check out Brooklands Museum (which you can see marked on the bottom of the map above). It was my Brother’s choice and if I’m being honest it wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind to visit, but I was completely blown away by the thoroughly enjoyable experience (Almost literally as we went on quite a windy day!).

Brooklands was the birthplace of British Motorsport and aviation and its grounds now house an extensive range of cars, bikes, buses, planes and some very helpful voluntary tour guides at every point on your journey around the grade listed hangers and outbuildings who will enhance your visit no end! It’s a well put together step back in time, with a collection that is constantly being added to and, with over a century of colourful and inspiring stories it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Here’s just one video about Percy Lambert that will help give you an idea of the impact that Brooklands had on Motorsport…some pretty amazing feats were achieved on that 2.75 mile race track and you can read more about them on the Brooklands wikipedia page.

I’d also recommend the Concorde experience if you’re planning to go, thank me later!

Concorde at Brooklands Museum

Concorde at Brooklands Museum

I’m talking about all of this because obviously we ended up doing some Geocaching, but not on the same day mind you as we were at the museum for about 4 hours! Yes, that’s how much there is to see there!!

So, after my Mum and Bro headed back ‘oop North’ leaving myself and MrBizkitz to our own devices for a couple of days, we decided to head back to Weybridge to have a look around the area a little more.

There wasn’t a specific circuit of Geocaches we were aiming for it was more of just a general mooch around the area.

We parked up at the station and attempted to find ‘SideTracked Weybridge‘, unfortunately to no avail, neither did we find the second cache we had planned DSA – Buried so we were then surprised when we found our third cache which happily turned out to be a Church Micro, CM2551 Weybridge to be precise.  🙂

Our walk then took us further North through the centre of Weybridge, which is a really nice place and understandably very pricey, before we headed West over to the river Wey where we meandered around the canals picking up a few caches. The best of the day was called Coxes Lock which I added a favourite point to because of the hide, cache container and location. A really good spot which must be even nicer on a summer’s day!

We managed to find a decent footpath running from the Coxes Lock back and forth over the train lines to the Seven Arches Bridge (Be careful with the Geokids on this walk as you need to cross over train tracks a few times) down near Brooklands Museum and we were expecting to see Public Enemy but they turned out to be a no show!

Public Enemy - Weybridge

Public Enemy – Weybridge

This one ended up as our last cache of the day but it was a nice place to finish. I’d say the walk was probably only around 2.5 miles and took us around 2 hours – but then we were dawdling. I’d definitely recommend the route for those thinking about it, but take some wellies with you as there are some pretty muddy stretches at the moment 🙂

Under Seven Arches Bridge

Under Seven Arches Bridge

Happy caching!

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