Geocaching in October = Fungi fun!

A Geocaching fungi adventure…


Well, it’s been a bit of a slow start this October on the Geocaching front for myself and MrBizkitz. We’ve only managed to get out for a few days so far but every time we go out we notice how much the scenery has changed. I love the change between summer and autumn. The temperature drop, the wind stripping the trees of their colourful leaves; walking amongst the conkers, acorns, mushrooms and toadstools…it makes me think of those wonderfully drawn pictures in Jill Barkham books from when I was a kid! Today was no exception…we’d been up earlier in the day to a car auction in Blackbushe in Hampshire and we thought we’d stop off and pick up a few caches on the way home. We chose the nearby Blackbushe airport caching series to grab a few and found some decent parking alongside the road near to CATHODIC on Vigo Lane (which has a pub very close by for those interested!).

My Grandad was a navigator in the RAF during the war and I’ve always been fascinated with flying and so I was keen to have a look at the nearby airfield having read a few of the descriptions on the cache page it sounded like it’s had a very varied and interesting history. It was once one of London’s largest airports, which as described by the CO is very hard to imagine now. It’s also housed a crowd of 200,000 people for ‘Picnic at Blackbushe’ in ’78 with the main headliner Bob Dylan and Slowhand himself Eric Clapton amongst others playing alongside!

Blackbushe airfield

Blackbushe airfield

The airport sits alongside Yateley common, a vast space with pretty Silver Birch saplings and plenty of gorse bushes, nettles and brambles to get caught up in, which of course we did! We bumped into some fellow cacher’s out there today and swapped ratings on various pieces of technology as we’re considering upgrading to a GPS device rather than relying on our phones! They had a lovely dog called Honey Biscuit which made us laugh because my Geocaching handle is MzBizkitz!


It’s a mycologist’s wet dream out there at the moment though and I lost MrBizkitz at one point as I was photographing all the fungi out there!!

Overall it’s actually a really great spot to pick up some caches, the hides are quite inventive too and had us searching for quite a while on some of them. You can almost picture the Brambly Hedge mice scooting around amongst the fungi looking for adventures there too. A perfect place to take the kids on a ‘mzadventure’!

There’s more information available on wikipedia about Blackbushe airport so check it out if you’re interested!

Happy caching!

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