Geocaching in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

A small Geocaching adventure in Bakewell…

Way back in February I popped home to see my Mum for her birthday, as she’s hooked on walking and I’m hooked on Geocaching we make quite a good Geocaching team when we get together. My Mum regularly walks in Derbyshire but I always aim to take her on a route she’s not been on, and that’s where the Geocaching part comes in.

Regular Geocachers will know that you often end up finding caches off the beaten track, away from the normal tourist routes, and that rule applies even when you go somewhere like Derbyshire. Caches are more often than not placed by locals who know where to go to avoid the typical tourist spots, the secret places that few of the regular walkers see.

Now, my Mum goes walking in Derbyshire at least once a week and has been doing for about five years so to find a route she’s not been on can prove to be quite tricky but on February 10th I managed it 🙂

Bakewell was the chosen destination and there were a decent number of caches to be found…

Bakewell Geocaching route

Bakewell Geocaching route

We parked up near to the first cache, Bridge Rest, where, unfortunately, earlier in the day someone had skidded on some black ice and driven right through the bridge and into the River Wye. Thankfully we found out that they weren’t hurt in the accident and the only real damage was done to the wall, and obviously the car which was written off!

Bakewell river

Love locks at Bakewell

We didn’t make it far from the car before we found an excellent little bookshop where I managed to find a present for MrBizkitz 🙂 We decided to take it back to the car before starting the rest of the walk. Winding our way through the towns beautiful shops and past the market we headed towards The Den which my Mum wasn’t overly keen on as there was a lot of rubbish in this area which is such a shame for a pretty market town like Bakewell.

I’d secretly been hoping that we might get over to a cache called Catcliff but the weather wasn’t really in our favour, as the whole of the UK had been suffering from flooding at the time, and to get to this cache looked a little too dangerous, and with a four star terrain rating we decided not to bother. Instead we headed onwards to Bathtime Bliss At Arkwrights where I awarded a favourite point, such a clever idea for a cache, and we ended up popping into the shop for a little chocolate relief…

Next stop was Bakewell view, and all of this section was new ground for my Mum and she was impressed by the ‘view’ from up here which made me happy 🙂

Views over Bakewell

Bakewell view

Making our way down a tiny alley we approached a gate and headed through it and up a small hill towards the next cache Field of Dreams which was in a great spot. The notes on the cache page informed us that the area is normally used as an amphitheatre for productions and also as a spot for Bonfire Night.

After studying Mapnik on my c:geo app I managed to find a route through to our final cache for the day Wash Your Woolies which my Mum was keen on getting as it meant wading through a bit of water, she likes a challenge 😉 and as I wasn’t wearing walking boots I didn’t argue with her! It’s easy to see why there’s a lot of favourite points at this particular cache, definitely something a little more unusual. 🙂

Big stretch for little Mum

Just a little further Mum!

So all in all we had a great day, the caches were in great locations, well maintained and relatively easy to find. There’s so many more caches to find around there though so I know we’ll be back at some point…

Until then,

Happy caching!

2 thoughts on “Geocaching in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

  1. Great site! I got the address from Penny. You’ve really done an incredible job creating this page. I’m impressed! Can’t wait to do this with your mum and Nathan in June in the Cotswolds, and perhaps in London with you as well?


  2. Hey Randy, hope you’re well?
    Thanks for the lovely comment, I’m still getting my head around all of this blogging malarky but I’m having a lot of fun with it 🙂
    Yes, I’d love to take you and Pat Geocaching in London! You’ll have to let me know where you want to visit and I’ll have a look at the map, there’s a great one in the British Library though if you’re up for that? 🙂
    Really looking forward to seeing you both, and I still can’t believe your mom is 90 now, I haven’t seen her since we came over to Santa Monica which must’ve been at least 10 years ago!
    We’ll have to see if we can come and visit you in the Cotswolds too for a day trip.
    See you soon!
    Love, Rebecca

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