A real Geocaching brain teaser…

A Geocaching brain teaser…


Geocaching helps you to get your thinking cap on in lots of different ways…from the little things like planning a safe route to the cache to the harder things like solving/creating a tricky puzzle cache. Every process we take to finding a geocache requires a huge effort from those little cells upstairs that we all tend to take for granted. I was reminded of this fact today on a little walk in Weybridge, Surrey.

We were carrying on with our personal ‘mega multi month challenge‘ and we’d spotted a fairly local one on the map in an area we weren’t familiar with and so we decided to go and check it out. We parked up outside a lovely little pub and made our way down a tiny footpath towards the beginning of the multi-cache, Another Weyside Wander.

The start of our Weyside wander

The cache started at the Thames Lock, which looked stunning in the glorious autumn sunshine, and there was a handy little information hut which provided some great facts and stories about the history of the lock and the uses of the river over the generations, which is definitely worth popping into if it’s open.

After gathering all the necessary information for the cache we set off upstream along the river Wey. We saw some very expensive-looking houses, the odd runner and some ducks who were happily swimming aimlessly through the dappled sunlight as we approached GZ.

Weyside Wandering

Hats off to MrBizkitz for being very patient with me as I took photo after photo, but in my defence it was very pretty and I wanted to remember it…speaking of remembering things…

Inside the cache was a brain…no of course not a real one, but a TB, ‘Braintrust – The First One‘, on a mission from the Brainstrust which read,

Every day we take a thing for granted. It controls sound, speech and movement. It makes you who you are. It is your essence.

and I thought, how true is that? If I counted all of the collectively-thought processes that have brought me to this one place today then it would be staggering amount and yet I don’t ever think about it, which is awful when you realise that the ability to process thoughts is a very precious gift that could be taken away from us at any moment.

…so now it’s your turn…

Before you go off on your next cache hunt, spare a moments thought for your thoughts, take time out to visit the Meg Jones brain cancer charity website, which does truly amazing work to help people affected by brain cancer, and really take a minute to appreciate all of the things that your brain does for you!

Happy caching.




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