Geocaching in Nottinghamshire and the story of the lost hour…

Geocaching around Calverton and Woodborough…


Around 8 miles North of Nottingham City Centre lie the picturesque villages of Calverton and Woodborough. Parking up at St Wilfrid’s Church we picked up our first Church Micro, CM3622 Calverton St Wilfrid, of the day before taking the anti-clockwise route around the ‘Calverton/Woodborough‘ circuit.

Calverton and Woodborough Geocaches

Calverton and Woodborough Geocaches

Historically Calverton, once part of the great Sherwood Forest, is thought to have been part of a Roman marching camp with three separate coin hoards found there in 1797, 1959 and 1960 respectively.

Later in it’s life Calverton became a mining village and prospered as such until the mines closed in 1999, it now serves as a commuter village due to its close proximity to Nottingham.

If you do ever come up to this area and get your timings right there is a Folk Museum which I’ve heard is worth checking out, I’ve never been there at the right time for it though as I believe it’s only open one Sunday a month (I may have that wrong but you can check for yourself).

The Geocaching circuit takes you up a short incline to the border of Fox Wood which provides a lovely view of Calverton village in the distance before looping round to head towards Woodborough.

I’d suggest taking this walk between late April and mid June to make the most of the fields between caches #6 & #7 on the trail as there will be something blooming wonderful to see around that time 😉

The astute of you will notice that there is a Traditional Geocache marked that hasn’t been turned into a smiley…and this is where the tale of the lost hour begins…

I’d read the cache page for this one (Bibliotheca Vicum) as I was uploading the caches to my phone and noticed the difficulty level was very high (D4T2) and I thought that it sounded like a bit of a challenge 🙂

As we made our approach I warned the gang (made up of me, MrBizkitz, my Mum and Bro) about the high number of DNF’s and said that our chances of finding it were pretty slim as it was obviously very cunning!

Woodborough book exchange/Geocache

“NOT A PHONE BOX 31 May 2011 Woodborough to Wiverton Hall 14 miles (2)” © 2011 AJ Yakstrangler.

This photo, “NOT A PHONE BOX 31 May 2011 Woodborough to Wiverton Hall 14 miles (2)”, is copyright 2011 © AJ Yakstrangler and made available under a Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

Our first thought was to flip through the books but obviously with it being a book exchange these could be removed at any time and wouldn’t be suitable for a geocache and so we moved on to looking at the phone box itself. With four of us looking we had to take it in turns climbing into and out of the phone box as it was a weeny bit cramped in there. I opted to look lower down on my turn but came out with nothing, my Mum and bro opted for the middle section but again came out empty handed and MrBizkitz searched around the top portion and again came out with nothing…inside and outside were both searched (we felt thoroughly) but with no joy and so after about an hour we had to concede defeat as we were all starting to freeze! It’s definitely one we’ll be back for though…we just need a few tips from some fellow geocachers I think!

The end of the 9.5k walk took us on a footpath through a golf course before looping back to near where we’d parked the car. At around four hours it had obviously taken us a lot longer than we were expecting because of that lost hour at the phone box but it was a really nice walk and one I’d recommend. 🙂

Happy caching…maybe we’ll see you in the phone box at some point?!


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