Geocaching around Shamley Green in Surrey…

A day’s Geocaching adventure around Shamley Green…


Earlier this year we decided to travel a little further afield for a Geocaching adventure. We wanted to be somewhere pretty, with a good amount of caches and within an hour’s drive from our flat. There were quite a few circular routes on the Geocaching map that we hadn’t ventured to South of Guildford in Surrey, and when I spotted the Shamley Green trail I decided it ticked all of our boxes.

The Shamley Green Geocaches

The Shamley Green Geocaches


The walk itself was approximately 4 miles in total (according to – see picture below) and it was as pretty as we’d hoped. A few of the caches on the route have been archived now, which I assume was because they were in a farmer’s field. However the route still takes you through the same area and it’s actually quite nice not to have caches along that particular stretch as you’re walking along a hill which has great views over the Surrey Hills. Which I should add is a AONB (Area of outstanding natural beauty)!

Shamley Green geocaches

A rough idea of which way the route goes…


We found parking for the series near to Church Micro 754…Shamley Green just as the heavens opened. We noticed a couple of dog walkers making their way back to their cars who looked pretty windswept and drenched and after spotting the blue clouds on the horizon we opted to wait it out in the car before setting off. It seemed to be just a passing shower though as the rest of the day turned out to be pretty nice. For once we were in the right place at the right time! 🙂

The walk

We made good progress with 1,2,6,7,8 (with 3,4 and 5 missing at the time) before hitting a brick wall at Cricket Pitch Micro #21 Shamley Green, we knew from the cache page that we might not find it after there had been a string of DNF’s on it, but we always like to give it a go. That and the fact that MrBizkitz is a keen cricketer and so he had to go and check out the field!

Caches 9,10 and 11 were relatively easy finds before we found A Fine Pair # 73 ~ Shamley Green where I added a favourite point for the amusing cache container! 12-14 were quick finds before we were given the hint of Garold Wilson at SGB 15 ~ Shamley Green Bipedal-motion, which if you’re a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants you’ll understand the reference. I added another favourite point here as the container made us chuckle!

The rest of the caches were found relatively quickly due to the great hints, which made for a fairly speedy walk. We’re actually quite a fan of good hints on longer walks as sometimes Geocaching can be like that Mark Twain idiom ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled’, replacing the golf with Geocaching obviously! I would never normally think that about Geocaching, but on longer walks I find DNF’s more frustrating because you have more time to think about them on your way to the next one which tends to ruin the enjoyment of the walk! Thankfully this series was nothing like that idiom in fact it was more like ‘Geocaching is a good walk enhanced by the promise of finding new treasures’.

I wish all Geocaching trails could be like this one!

Happy caching! 🙂

View of Shamley Green

“View of Shamley Green” © 2009 jojo 77


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