Geocaching around historic Reigate!

View through to the pyramid

View through to the pyramid

A Geocaching history lesson in Reigate…


Our mega multi month was fast drawing to a close and we still hadn’t quite reached the 20 multicaches mark we were hoping to achieve and so we decided to plump for an area where we had a higher chance of getting closer to our target.

As it turned out Reigate was the perfect location to pick up some well constructed multi’s and it made for an interesting day. We’d kitted up and set off around 10am on a crisp but sunny Saturday morning and found parking near to our first multi at around 11. It’s always nice to start with a Church Micro as they’re usually fairly easy and make for a bit of a confidence booster for the day as was the case with our first two, CM 1364 & CM 1368, both of which were perfect beginner caches with low difficulty ratings. With those under the belt we moved in an anti clockwise direction to pick up the rest on our list.

Geocaching around Reigate

We then made our way into the centre of Reigate to our next cache GC22TP9 entitled ‘Reigate Castle, Cave and Tunnel’, I was looking forward to this one as I’ve never really been around the centre of Reigate but I’ve heard good things about it which were confirmed as we made our way through ‘Donkey Passage’ to our first waypoint. Pausing at the entrance of a cave to have a read about it we were accosted by a lovely gentleman who turned out to be the tour guide for the caves. He gave us a brief but intelligent, and I imagine well-rehearsed, description of the uses of the caving system underneath the castle and suggested we take a walk around the castle grounds and Priory Park. As it turned out that was exactly what we had planned for the day, I think I might have mentioned before that Geocaching takes you to all the best places and this was certainly the case.

The castle sits on a hill nestled out of view to the rest of Reigate but with lovely views out to the nearby hills. It’s quite a secretive place and we only bumped into a couple of other people strolling around the grounds, although to be fair it was quite cold at the top!

It didn’t take us too long to gather all of the necessary information for the multicache although we did have a little difficulty with the question relating to the pyramid (as the information was no longer there) and one of the other questions which would have meant that GZ would have been around 2k away (a little impractical for a multi!)…however with a little guesswork we managed to plot a sensible place for GZ but we decided to save the pick up for the way back as it was going to take us in the wrong direction.

To find out more about the caves head over to the Reigate Caves website, they actively encourage new people to join in and there’s opportunities most Saturday’s between 10am and 4pm to go down into the caves which are definitely worth checking out!

We walked through Priory and Reigate Parks to our next caches which were another two Church Mirco’s, CM 1667 and CM 1668, before making our way to yet another Church Micro (CM 1823) which was the largest of the day and made for a tricky but good hide at GZ.

On our way back we headed to where we suspected the Reigate Castle, Cave and Tunnel cache was hidden but with five possible locations we had to use the hint on the cache page to narrow our search area down. Eventually we did manage to unearth the cache although it was difficult because we had to find our way into the area…I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for other finders but I will say that it’s a large cache and isn’t high up. 🙂

After picking this one up we made our way back to the car at around 4pm but instead of going directly home we decided to sneak off to a TB hotel (that we’d been to before) to drop off The Braintrust TB that we’d had for a while.

It was a really nice day and Reigate is such a great place to visit. I’d definitely recommend the Reigate Castle cache too, but if you’re unsure of any of the answers I’m sure the CO would be quite happy to help or I could be persuaded to 😉

Happy Caching 🙂




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