So, Geocaching…what’s it all about?


Over the past thirteen years Geocaching has taken the world by storm.

A GPS based treasure hunting game in which Geocacher’s use coordinates to find a set location, whether that be in woods, under the sea, or even in space. Yes, I did say space…!

On reaching the set location, also referred to as GZ (Ground Zero), Geocachers begin hunting the area in search of a container, referred to as the ‘Geocache‘. Once the Geocache has been found the Geocacher can then sign the logbook inside the ‘cache with the date and their Geocaching handle and replace it in exactly the same place for the next finder.

On returning home the ‘cacher can then log their find on the Geocaching website to confirm that they found the ‘cache and earn themselves a smiley face.

Geocache’s vary in size, shape and styles…large ones usually contain more swappable items known as ‘swag‘, and the small ones are just trickier to find…we prefer the latter! 😉

I’ve added a picture of me signing a Geocache’s logbook on a snowboarding holiday in France so you get the idea 🙂

Snowboarding and Geocaching

Snowboarding and Geocaching

Alternatively watch the official Geocaching video right here!

Geocache Types


As well as different sizes and shapes, Geocache’s have a lot of different types. From the easiest, known as ‘traditional’s’, to the trickier ones, which can be referred to as ‘unknown/mystery/puzzle’s’, to the informative, ‘EarthCache’s’. There really is a cache type for everyone and as soon as you start caching you’ll soon find a type that you enjoy finding more than others. For us at the moment we’re hooked on puzzle caches!

For a quick lowdown on what they all mean check out my post on Geocache Types! 🙂

Travel Bugs and Geocoins


Inside Geocaches you’ll find plenty of swag items and occasionally you’ll find a Trackable item, usually a Travel Bug or a Geocoin. If you want to know a little bit more about these, check out the Travel Bugs and Geocoins we own and see how far they’ve gone!


Where we’ve been Geocaching…


For more information about where we’ve been Geocaching have a look at the destinations page!

Geocaching Links


Check out these links to some great Geocaching resources from other bloggers and vloggers out there, they’re packed full of useful tips and tricks to help your next Geocaching adventure go smoothly.