Finding our first 5/5 geocache!!

Our first 5/5 route!

Our first 5/5 route!

Finding our first 5/5 Geocache…


We’d been contemplating completing our D/T grid for some time and talked about how hard grabbing a 5/5 would be having struggled to get some of the other caches lower down in the grid, however we spotted a puzzle cache, ‘WaterWorks‘, towards Leatherhead which looked like it might be achievable and thought we’d give it a go!

In order to obtain the 5/5 there was a shortish walk which had multicache elements to it in that you had to gather clues from inside the caches and the surrounding area to get the coordinates for the location of the final cache. The walk side of it, which we finished at the start of October, held no problems for us and we thought this is way too easy for a 5/5!

The last stage required a little bit of internet digging and so returning home we set about gathering the final information from a slightly defunct website which did actually prove to be fairly troublesome and certainly boosted the difficulty rating up a few notches! However we did manage to find everything that was needed and so we planned a trip out yesterday to complete the mission.

There was no Geochecker on the cache page and so we wondered whether we had the correct coords. Typically, as is the norm, our GPS didn’t want to play ball, and so there we were stood in the middle of a group of trees wondering if we were being crazy fools barking up the wrong trees or whether we were going to find it.

With so many possible places for the cache to be there was only one way to find it and so we both set about climbing up the various trees in the vicinity. None of which yielded the treasure but we carried on looking around hoping that we might be able to spot the cache in the branches above. We were thinking about giving up when a huge tree presented itself with some handy ivy to use for balancing and so an ascent began.

Looking back it was definitely the obvious tree for the job and we soon had the log signed giving us our first 5/5! It’s actually encouraged us to try some more tricky customers in the local area so watch this space!


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