Favourite geocaches: Suffolk

Awarding our Geocaching favourite points: Where? Which? Why?

Sometimes we award favourite points for the memories attached to finding a cache, other times it’s for the creativity of the containers, and then there’s also the points for location…for taking us to a different place that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. 🙂

A special mention has to be given to the fiendish puzzle caches which we award favourite points to for the time and effort that goes into putting them together – especially if there’s a great container at the end!!

Please let me know if there are any great caches that we should check out in your area as this list is by no means extensive – and we’re always up for a road trip!


Church micro 1479…Capel St Mary – GC2HVRB by Harris Trekkers *Found on 02/08/15*

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 1

Cache Type: Traditional

*Write-up to follow.*


The Flatford Mill Series – Cottage Cache – GC3TAH1 by springbok200 *Found on 02/08/15*

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 2

Cache Type: Traditional

*Write-up to follow.*


Sunday Cache #1: St Martin’s – GC1K6H7 by vindic4tor *Found on 21/10/12*

Difficulty 3 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Unknown (Puzzle/Mystery)

This was a poignant cache and definitely deserved a favourite point. Located at St Martin’s Church in Nacton this Church holds a lot of memories for our family, as a little bub this is where I was baptised but more importantly this was where my Mum and Dad got married 40 years previously! On a trip to Suffolk to see our relatives we stopped in on Sunday for the service, which was taken by the same Vicar who not only baptised me but also married my parents. We had a chat with the vicar after the service and he let me see the records of my baptism and then invited us round to his for tea :o) Such a lovely man and it was great to find a cache here too. Definitely one of my favourite caches for the memories!


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