Favourite geocaches: France

Awarding our Geocaching favourite points: Where? Which? Why?

Sometimes we award favourite points for the memories attached to finding a cache, other times it’s for the creativity of the containers, and then there’s also the points for location…for taking us to a different place that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. 🙂

A special mention has to be given to the fiendish puzzle caches which we award favourite points to for the time and effort that goes into putting them together – especially if there’s a great container at the end!!

Please let me know if there are any great caches that we should check out in your area as this list is by no means extensive – and we’re always up for a road trip!


Courchevel Altiport – GC1N7H6 by barbudor *Found on: 12/04/13*

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 3

Cache Type: Traditional

It’s always great when you can combine your favourite leisure activities together. Mine happen to besnowboarding and geocaching, so when MrBizkitz piped up with the idea to get our snowboards out from under the bed and get ourselves over to France I was of course very excited! It’s actually quite difficult researching mountain based geocaches. You have to study piste maps, check theterrain ratings to see if it’s somewhere you’re capable of getting too (I’m not overly keen on black runs!), check to see whether there will be snow on that part of the mountain, or if it’s only available as a summer cache etc etc. In the end I opted to put all of the caches in the area onto my phone and hope that we’d end up boarding near some of them at some point during the holiday.

As has been the constant downfall of our caching expeditions we lack a decent GPS unit, one that doesn’t charge us an extortionate amount for data roaming, and actually works well both under tree cover, and at high altitudes. Needless to say the finds for this trip proved to be quite tricky and even impossible on some days!

However we did manage to pick a handful up before I injured myself quite badly (standard), and the most memorable one happened to be Courchevel Altiport. We had taken notice of the warnings on the cache page about the depth of the snow before setting off that day and so MrBizkitz wasarmed with a shovel just in case. When we arrived near GZ there were a couple of local French workers who were very interested to know what we were up to and in my best French I managed to explain we were playing a game which seemed to please them enough to ski away in the other direction leaving us with a little climb up to where we could see the tops of some trees poking out of the snow. A few steps towards one of the treetops, where the cache was hidden, I felt the snow give way and I ended up shoulder deep in it to the sounds of MrBizkitz chortling in the background! Cheeky monkey. As it happens it turned out to be a good thing as it gave me a perfect view of the cache and I managed to push my way through the snow and grab it. I somehow managed to get myself back out of the snow and onto the path again but I wasn’t too worried as MrBizkitz was always there on standby with the shovel, if he could manage to stop laughing of course…

It was great fun though and I’d recommend it to anyone holidaying in Les 3 Vallées to give it a go!

Geocaching in La Tania France on a snowboarding holiday.

MrBizkitz managed to stop laughing enough to take this photo…

We picked up five during the holiday (one has since been archived) and were planning to pick up more until I landed in a scorpion and managed to do a fair bit of damage to my back. As they’d say in France, C’est la vie.

A map showing some of the Geocaches we found in France.

From staying in La Tania we picked these ones up.


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