Favourite geocaches: Finland

Awarding our Geocaching favourite points: Where? Which? Why?

Sometimes we award favourite points for the memories attached to finding a cache, other times it’s for the creativity of the containers, and then there’s also the points for location…for taking us to a different place that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. 🙂

A special mention has to be given to the fiendish puzzle caches which we award favourite points to for the time and effort that goes into putting them together – especially if there’s a great container at the end!!

Please let me know if there are any great caches that we should check out in your area as this list is by no means extensive – and we’re always up for a road trip!


Uuttusuo – GC38YBR by Arot *Found on: 16/01/13*

Difficulty 1.5 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Traditional

This was a really tricky cache out in Finland, hard for a number of reasons, firstly neither of us speak Finnish and so we couldn’t really understand what was written on the cache page, and secondly there were no hints to help us so it required a lot of patience at GZ!

After spending an age attempting to find the cache and, with a temperature of around -14°, we decided to retreat to a nearby cafe to have a doughnut, a cuppa and a rethink. We’d come a long way out from our ski resort in Ruka to try and find the cache and we weren’t leaving without it, so with a bit of determination we set out again in the blistering cold to have another look.

After about 10 minutes of looking that second time the cache was in hand and I decided to leave a personal TB in there for the first leg of its journey into the wilderness with another geocacher.

We were pretty stoked to get this one and I think it still qualifies for our furthest cache North, a record that I imagine won’t be beaten by us for some time!

Click on the first picture below to get an idea of the winter wonderland we were walking through!


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