Favourite geocaches: East Sussex

Awarding our Geocaching favourite points: Where? Which? Why?

Sometimes we award favourite points for the memories attached to finding a cache, other times it’s for the creativity of the containers, and then there’s also the points for location…for taking us to a different place that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. 🙂

A special mention has to be given to the fiendish puzzle caches which we award favourite points to for the time and effort that goes into putting them together – especially if there’s a great container at the end!!

Please let me know if there are any great caches that we should check out in your area as this list is by no means extensive – and we’re always up for a road trip!


Beachy Head Earth Cache – GC1RK35 by The Long Man Trackers *Found on: 19/04/15*

Difficulty 2 – Terrain 1

Cache Type: Earthcache

*Write-up to follow.*


Mill Micro 26 – Nutley Windmill – GC157D3 by Flatcoat Walker *Found on: 15/09/13*

Difficulty 1 – Terrain 1.5

Cache Type: Traditional

Geocaching is always made more interesting by the unexpected places it takes you to. This one was a case in point. There was a special reason for us coming on this walk as location wise it’s a fair drive, but after picking up The Tin Man TB and reading about his ‘mission’ I couldn’t resist trying to help him along.

Occasionally you pick up a TB that’s in a race or has a specific purpose and so whenever that happens I like to try and help it along in anyway that I can. The Tin Man had been part of a race, that had since finished, with one of its desired destinations (Ashdown Forest) close by to another cache we had our eyes on. We decided that it would be worth going the extra mile (or 5) to take it to the cache even though its race had already finished but it turned out we got a little bit more than we’d bargained for that day.

As advised by the CO we parked the car in the car park at the top of the hill using the Ashdown Amble bonus cache marker (far left) as our starting point and got ourselves togged up. I’d recently acquired some gaiters and as the weather hadn’t been too pleasant over the days prior to the walk I was quite glad to be wearing them. The walk started well with a steady descent towards the forest, the clouds had started to fill the blue patches in the sky and we knew we were in for a bit of rain but we didn’t mind.

Picking up cache numbers 1, 5 and 2 on the series we thought we were doing quite well until we decided to take a little detour over to Camp Hill Spider to pick up one for the D/T grid. Our approach hadn’t proven too problematic and we were lulled into a false sense of security when we spotted and picked up the cache quite quickly. D3/T4 we were both wondering? We wouldn’t have put either the difficulty or the terrain that high? We looked at each other, shrugged and moved on towards our target for the day…The Tin Man’s destination, Ashdown Amble Cache 3.

This was where we ran into the grade 4 terrain. To say we struggled at this point would be an understatement. We had essentially found ourselves walking through a bog, not the bog of eternal stench from the film Labyrinth fortunately, but a bog nonetheless. Attempting to find level ground was almost impossible and I think we both fell at least twice into the large crevasses made by the small streams. Our thinking process had been, there can’t be that much of this we’ll get out of it soon. Silly old fools. We ploughed on for what seemed like an eternity, probably about 20 minutes in reality, until we finally saw a herd of sheep and knew we must be getting somewhere. The sheep always know better. It’s a bit like following rats on a sinking ship.

With less than 100m to our destination we let out a sigh of relief as we managed to find the cache with no problems.

Leaving the Tin Man Travel Bug in a Geocache in East Sussex.

The Tin Man TB safe and sound!

Shattered we dropped The Tin Man into the cache and took a minute to get our breath back. I think we both secretly wished we could do a ‘Dorothy’ and tap our shoes together to get home at that point! Thank God for the gaiters I thought to myself as I looked down at MrBizkitz’s jeans, who having opted not to wear his gaiters was a tad on the damp side to say the least.

The rain started as we made our way around the circuit to the Nutley Windmill which was old and creepy but somehow still quite pretty sitting there tucked away behind the trees. Again, this is something that we might’ve missed had we not been geocaching!

A picture of the Nutley Windmill.

Nutley windmill

We finished the circuit and worked out the clues to pick up the bonus cache before heading back to the car absolutely soaked to the bone. Oddly there was an ice cream van parked up in the car park and so we thought why not? With our two 99′s with flakes we sat in the car with the seat warmers on full whack before heading home safe in the knowledge that we’d successfully completed another silly ‘mzadventure’!


PuCK Butterfly#30 – Fowl Play – GC52CEK by Sallilas-HarrisClan *Found on: 03/06/15*

Difficulty 3 – Terrain 2.5

Cache Type: Unknown (Puzzle/Mystery)

*Write-up to follow.*


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