Did you make it through the ’31 days of Geocaching’ challenge?

31 days of geocaching 2013 calendar

Our 31 days of Geocaching summary…


Back in August we, along with many other Geocachers around the world, embarked on the ’31 days of Geocaching’ challenge. Our mission, to find a cache everyday throughout the month of August. Which sounds straightforward, right?

Arguably the idea itself was very gimmicky but we’d never really done a ‘Geostreak’ before and we wanted to see if we could do it and so in earnest on the 1st August we set out to pick up our first cache….there were a few bumps along the way with days where we’d leave it until the last minute to go out and find one, and the days we’d be racing around after logging DNF’s, but we did actually complete the challenge in the end which we were pretty happy about. 🙂

Amazingly, according to The Geocaching Blog there were 26,228 other Geocachers who completed the challenge too, hats off to everyone because we know how difficult it was for us!

But I bet it was a frustrating idea for a challenge for all the seasoned cacher’s out there who wanted to claim the souvenirs but had found all of their local caches. There were days for us when we’d have to drive out quite a way to pick one up but we were relatively lucky in that we’d only been caching for a year at that point and so we had quite a few nearby that we could use as backups. If that hadn’t been the case then I’m not sure we’d have bothered attempting it to be fair!

Either way, whatever your viewpoint on the challenge, here’s a great little video to make you all smile…it’s definitely something I related to…enjoy!

*WARNING This video contains words that are inappropriate for younger audiences*


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