Challenge Completed!

Come rain or shine...

Come rain or shine…

Conclusion of our challenge…


Ok, there’s been a slight deviation from my mega multi month challenge, but I feel it was a fair trade. Let me explain…

A year ago and a few months into caching I noticed a fairly new Church Micro challenge cache. Reading the details I thought it was something that MrBizkitz and I could have a go at and so we checked our diaries, looked at our previous finds and settled on a day to complete the challenge. So far, so easy. Unfortunately the challenge was to find a Church Micro cache on a set day for every month of the year…not so straightforward!

We’d picked the 11th as our day as we’d already found one on the 11th December (and all previous finds counted) and so on the 11th January we went out hunting for another Church Micro to add to the list.

This carried on month after month with some very stressful days where we’d both been busy and left it til late’o’clock to go out for the grab…the worst one to this effect happened in March when we’d managed to not find 2 CM’s in the area which put us in panic mode as time was rolling on. Logging the DNF’s we reloaded the map on our phones and found another one not too far away which we did manage to find but it taught me the ‘having backups’ lesson in a very cruel way.

Our favourite was easily one that we’d had to do a little bit of extra work for…CM 2364 in Ashford, in order to claim this find we needed to collect information from 5 other CM’s to work out the final clue for the location of this one. Click here to read a little bit more about it. 🙂

In a way we’re lucky not to have had too much in the diaries to stop us from our caching exploits, although there was another incident where we’d had to grab one on the way up the A1 on a journey back up to Nottingham because I’d been worried I wouldn’t find the one I’d had planned there! As it happens I did so we found two on that day!

Picking up the final was a bit nerve-racking. I ended up loading 6 CM’s onto my phone just in case, luckily I found the first one, but I was more worried about finding the challenge cache as having read the previous logs it sounded like a tricky one but I think the CO must have updated the coords because I had no trouble finding it at all, phew!

I opened the cache in trepidation having visions that someone else might have beaten me to it earlier in the day, but I was lucky to find a nice blank 11th box to put my handle in which I did. Although the paper had succumbed to the weather a little and resembled a tea-stained treasure map more than a log sheet but I was very happy to get my name on there and put the cache safely back before heading back to the car.

Treasure map/log sheet

Treasure map/log sheet

All in all it was a very successful challenge and I feel a bit sad that it’s over now, although I am looking forward to scooping up some of the local CM’s that I’ve been saving as backups now!!

Roll on the next challenge!

Happy caching.

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