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A little bit about me…


I first started Geocaching a few years ago after a little mini ‘mzadventure’ with my Uncle, Geocaching handle ‘ginger007′, and various other members of our combined families. He’d taken us on an easy beginner’s Church-based Geocache, not a ‘Church Micro’ (which I have now come to love!) but one, located in a graveyard, somewhere in Suffolk. (I’d later discover that it was called a ‘multi-cache’, a variation of a Geocache).

We gathered some clues from parts of the Church building, and then more from the quirkier looking gravestones which gave us a set of coordinates to enter into my Uncle’s GPS, a BlackBerry if I remember correctly. Stumbling around the graveyard following the direction of the compass on the GPS we approached ‘GZ’, our destination, to find a small clip lock container. Inside the container was a log book and a few trinkets. So there was such a thing as buried treasure I thought to myself. 🙂

My Uncle signed the log book with his handle and wrote the date next to it along with the letters TFTC, Geocaching code for ‘Thanks For The Cache’. Over the course of the rest of that day we picked up a few more geocaches and I well and truly caught the ‘Travel Bug’ and knew it was something I wanted to try out for myself.

I did get the chance to do a little bit of Geocaching when I was living in Southampton but I stopped when I moved to Les Arcs 2000 in France to work a ski season because I couldn’t afford to use my phone’s GPS signal abroad.

In the summer the following year MrBizkitz and I went to work in Mayrhofen, Austria but again had the same GPS problems and so didn’t really get back into Geocaching. Our aim had been to stay in Mayrhofen for the winter but I broke my hand which put me out of work and so we returned to the UK.

Breaking my hand turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it meant I got to spend a bit more time with my Dad before he passed away very suddenly. Losing of one of the most important people in my life greatly affected me. I withdrew from everything I was doing and nearly everyone I knew. I was struggling to cope with day to day life and knew I needed something to break the downward spiral I’d found myself in. Thankfully Geocaching walked back into my life on a beautiful August day in 2012 and I haven’t looked back since!

Why I decided to start blogging…

So, I guess this blog is a thank you to my Uncle for the introduction to Geocaching, and to the Geocacher’s who set, place and maintain their geocaches for people like me and MrBizkitz to find. It’s also a dedication to my Dad, who only ever wanted me to be happy and to follow my dreams. I just hope he doesn’t mind that they’re now lunchbox shaped and only attainable with a GPS!

How I Geocache…

I sometimes go caching on my own but I mainly go caching with my partner ‘MrBizkitz’ because it’s more fun when we go together! If you’re on Twitter you can follow me at _MzAdventures for more chatter about all our latest mishaps and ‘mzadventures’. 🙂

I take photos on my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone when I’m out Geocaching and have recently started using a Panasonic Lumix TZ70 camera, although I’m still getting my head around it at the moment! In the meantime I really like using Flickr so you’ll be seeing a lot of great photos taken by other people. I will always reference ones that I haven’t taken so that you can have a look through their work too. 🙂

*Remember, you won’t get to where you want to go if you only travel on sunny days…especially if you’re a UK based Geocacher like me!* 😉

Little old me :)

Little old me 🙂

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