A Geocaching trip around Langley Park.

Caching around the lovely Langley Park…


Living South of the River Thames often dictates our direction of travel for Geocaching trips but we fancied a change of scenery and decided to head Northbound on the M25 up to Langley Park.

Situated a few miles Northwest of Heathrow airport we weren’t sure what to expect on our arrival but we were pleasantly surprised by the wide open countryside surrounding the Langley Park mansion. There are many interesting royal connections to the estate which are noted on boards around the park, most notably the 3rd Duke of Marlborough (Charles Spencer) related to both Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Langley Park series

Langley Park series

The Geocaching trail takes you on a lovely circular walk taking in all aspects of the wonderful Palladian mansion house in the centre of the estate. What we both really enjoyed about the walk was that it took you through the arboretum, which is unusual for a Geocaching trail as the guidelines often prevent the placing of caches in such areas, thankfully Buckinghamshire County Council have ok’d the caches here so it was nice to be able to wander through there without having to detract from the caching trail. We added a little bit on to the trail at the end so that we could take in a bit more of Verney’s Walk, we never made it up to the Temple Gardens though so I think we’ll have to go back at some point!

Sunshine at Langley Park

Stunning views around Langley Park

The caches were all cleverly disguised throughout the trail too which added to our enjoyment of the walk, and we did have glorious sunshine which helped too. We also managed to avoid the parking cost by parking near to the first cache, Langley Park 1 – Ashen Cross, which was a great starting point for the walk. If you want to know the lay of the land before you go the ‘Friends of Langley Park’ have created this map of Langley Park so you can get your bearings.

Huge tree in Buckinghamshire

One of the amazing trees at Langley Park

Old tree at Langley Park

The Jackdaws hangout!

We added a couple of favourite points on this circuit and I’d highly recommend getting out to do it if you get the chance 🙂

Happy hunting!

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